Community Spotlight - Earl Grant De Leon aka poxy14

Community Spotlight - Earl Grant De Leon aka poxy14

This Community Spotlight focuses on Earl Grant De Leon aka poxy14, an alter artist that has been altering since 2009. Along with Sandreline Moussé and Klug Alters, Earl is one of the original alter artists of the MtG community. The three ignited MtGSalvation with their art on MtG cards. Even now in 2017, they continue to inspire others to paint on cardboard. Outside of altering Magic cards, Earl has lots of other hobbies, including breeding betta fish, collecting NBA cards, and playing in competitive Legacy tournaments.


Artist Name: poxy14

Real Name: Earl Grant De Leon

Time Doing Alters: > 8 years


Earl's contact info is below - contact him for any questions about commissioning alters or oil paintings and portraits!

Facebook - Alters Portfoilo


Foundry: Hi Earl, when and how did you start altering?

Earl: I started way back in 2009. MtG Salvation is where it began hitting mainstream.

Foundry: That's crazy how things tend to blow up when it's original and hits MtG Salvation! 

We've seen a lot of different styles of subjects being painted onto cardboard - what’s your favorite style of altering?

EarlI love doing movie characters and landscapes on cards!

FoundryThroughout your career taking commissions for altering, what’s the craziest thing somehow has asked you to paint?

EarlNot much crazy stuff haha, though I have received requests for sexy animes. Most of my clients tend to use their cards at big events, so having controversial alters on their cards would be an issue on card playability with the judges.   

Foundry: Your response is very similar to the one that Kevin gave us when we asked him the same thing - players seem to want to show off their tastes at tournaments, but not at the expense of playability. Your alters are very tastefully done - and very striking, with a personal signature style.

Do you recall any cool stories from your time altering?

EarlHaving met wonderful people IS THE COOLEST THING EVER in my altering career! I was invited to Star City Games's Los Angeles Invitationals 2013 to have an alter booth there. I shared the room with gods of MtG Art like Terese Nielsen and Michael Hayes… Because of altering MtG cards, I have also met other artists and amazing players, it's really crazy, because I've experienced MtG on a whole different level that most players would never!

Foundry: So, who / what would you say is your biggest influence on your alters work?

EarlI've been painting for my whole entire life. I'm very appreciative looking at wonderful things around me and others brilliant works! Anything that inspires me, whether it’s an amazing piece or a happy event, is what fuels me. So basically it’s the mood I have on that very day : )

FoundryWhat other creative things do you do?

EarlAside from painting (oil, acrylics, pencils any medium available out there really), I'm a Senior Layout Artist at a printing company - it's my day job. I layout posters, magazines, covers, etc. I see COLORS everyday, even while sleeping!

FoundryDo you have any other comments you want to tell your fans and our audience?

Earl: I want to thank my fans for over 8 years of appreciation, love and support! Artists in this business do come and go, and POXY14 is still at it! Many thanks to Wizardry Foundry, my everyday viewers, my alter groups over at FB, friends and clients! Expect still the highest level of professionalism, honesty and quality of work from me. Maraming Salamat!


Earl's contact info is below - contact him for any questions about commissioning alters or oil paintings and portraits!

Email - Facebook - Alters Portfoilo

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