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  • EDH Essentials - Card Advantage

    EDH Essentials - Card Advantage

    Card advantage is a very basic concept in many card games. The term describes the upper edge that players have in a game when they’ve gathered more resources to work with than their opponent. This usually leads to the player having more options when compared to his/her opponent, which means...

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  • EDH Essentials - Green Effects

    EDH Essentials - Green Effects

    Apart from being a beautiful color, Green is a great choice for your EDH deck as it has everything you need covered: Early buildup, mid-game interaction and late game winners.Let’s start where it all begins. Ramp Building up mana fast and early is one of the best effects green has...

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  • EDH Essentials - Red Effects

    EDH Essentials - Red Effects

    This article will cover our top five favorite Red effects and some suggested cards to use to get such effects! When most people think of Red, they think Lightning Bolt. Well, Red certainly does more than cast Lightning Bolt. It is the color of emotion, whether it be passion, anger...

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  • EDH Essentials - Black Effects

    EDH Essentials - Black Effects

    Today we are diving deep into gruesome territory, where terror and greed reign supreme and death is ever present. You guessed it - we’re looking at the top five black effects for EDH. By the way, these are simply our suggested effects to run - you can decide for yourself...

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  • EDH Essentials - Blue Effects

    EDH Essentials - Blue Effects

    Blue is the color of intelligence, control and perfection. In gameplay, blue decks often want to mindfully consider all options and act only when necessary. This article will examine our top 5 favorite effects to run in blue EDH decks.

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  • EDH Essentials - White Effects

    EDH Essentials - White Effects

    White is the color of harmony, but also depicts the art of war with their military. Unified war! Loyalty, lawfulness and honor are all virtues white planewalkers strive for. This article will explore the top five white effects that you should know when building an EDH deck and make a...

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  • EDH Essentials - Archetypes

    EDH Essentials - Archetypes

    In deckbuilding, there are three main questions to ask oneself: What is the deck trying to do? Which role does it play in a game? How do I win? There are a few main archetypes of EDH decks. This article aims to give you an overview of these archetypes and...

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  • EDH Essentials - Utility Lands

    EDH Essentials - Utility Lands

    Read Our Previous EDH Essentials - Artifact Staples! When you are building an EDH deck, one thing is certain: you will be playing lands. A good mana base is the cornerstone of every deck. It assures that you can play your spells on time and do not have to worry...

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