EDH Essentials - Blue Effects

EDH Essentials - Blue Effects

Blue is the color of intelligence, control and perfection. In gameplay, blue decks often want to mindfully consider all options and act only when necessary. This article will examine our top 5 favorite effects to run in blue EDH decks.


Well-timed countermagic will dismiss an opposing threat and/or protect your own to win the game. However, you may have to be careful in choosing when and what to counter since resources are often limited in multiplayer situations.

Counterspell is the OG classic piece of countermagic. It will often trade up in mana. Getting a big spell from your opponent feels great.

To put an end to bigger fights on the stack and answer almost anything harmful (triggered and activated abilities as well), Summary Dismissal is the way to go.

If you plan to counter everything, there will eventually be a shortage of cards in your hand. Overwhelming Intellect counters a creature spell and will potentially draw you a healthy chunk of cards to keep your counterwall up.


Card draw

Speaking of drawing cards, no color does it as well as blue. There are hundreds of different blue spells that draw you varying amounts of cards.

With Blue Sun’s Zenith, you get what you pay for. Maybe just two or three cards early on. However, since it goes back into your library, you can cast it again later on to get ten or more new cards.

If you are playing a lot of creatures, consider adding Bident of Thassa to your deck. Now you get to draw a card every single time one of your creatures hits an opponent. You can even force an opponent to attack so they are a juicy target for your swing next turn.

Rhystic Study is one of the most annoying cards to play against. Either your opponents pay one extra mana per spell or you get to draw a card. With a reckless player on the table you will net many cards.



So what does a blue mage do when they missed the moment to counter a spell?
They send it back to the hand and try again!

Cyclonic Rift is one of the most powerful cards for EDH, since it resets everyone’s board… except for yours!

While blue can’t really destroy creatures, there are other tricks to deal with creatures, with cards like Evacuation, an instant speed creature catch-all.



So now that you have countered many spells and bounced your opponents' biggest creatures multiple times, do you find that they simply keep recasting them?

Just clone it and use it for yourself.

Stunt Double is always ready to copy any creature you want at instant speed.
Why just one? Get five copies with Rite of Replication.

Why stop at creatures? Clone any non-land permanent with Clever Impersonator.



Most artifacts in the world of Magic were manufactured by the greatest artificers.

Padeem, Consul of Innovation protects his inventions and rewards you with a card each turn so long as you own the biggest one, while Muzzio, Visionary Architect puts more and bigger artifacts on the board every time you activate his ability.

Let’s not forget Memnarch, the greatest creation of them all. He simply wants the whole world to turn artificial and to help you reign supreme by stealing everything.


That’s it for now. We hope you drew a bit of inspiration from this article. Please let us know how your blue EDH looks like. See you next time, when we look at the greed and recklessness of black in EDH.


Written by Malte Smits


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