EDH Essentials - Green Effects

EDH Essentials - Green Effects

Apart from being a beautiful color, Green is a great choice for your EDH deck as it has everything you need covered: Early buildup, mid-game interaction and late game winners.
Let’s start where it all begins.


Building up mana fast and early is one of the best effects green has to offer your EDH deck. Cultivate and Kodama’s Reach both get you more lands, assure you hit land drops and even fix your mana in multicolor decks. This effect makes them a perfect addition to any and all of your green EDH decks. Skyshroud Claim grabs two forest cards, meaning that it can even grab non-basic lands with the forest type. It puts them onto the battlefield untapped so you can keep making plays! Once you’ve used all that mana to play plenty of creatures, Cryptolith Rite often doubles the amount of mana you have available. At this point, victory is close - you just need something to use all that mana on...



Green has got some scary beasts that are famous for frequently ending games on the spot. When you have plenty of mana sources on board, opponents will be scared of your next big play. For example, Avenger of Zendikar rewards you for ramping early with a garden full of plant tokens, which can grow fast and get deadly while you continue ramping. Your opponents may not be threatened by a few cute plants and some small elves, but as soon as Craterhoof Behemoth crashes in, it will stampede over your opponents. Game over.



Just a disclaimer: your big plan may not always work out. Your ramp spells may get countered by a pesky blue mage. Sometimes, just as you've built up a nice chunky board state, someone destroys it all with a wrath effect. Don’t worry, because green can easily regrow. You get a great package in Den Protector - she has a good body for brawling and can grab you any card from the grave. If one card isn’t enough for you to win the game, try using Seasons Past. It often gets back five or more cards and makes your opponents draw spells look bad! Are you still not happy? Did you lose fifteen-ish permanents to an opposing board wipe? What if I told you that you can get everything back and even get to keep it? Praetor’s Counsel does just that - it has a hefty cost to it, but will make sure that you have all the cards you need to close the game out in style.



Destroying artifacts and enchantments is one of the easiest things to do when you play green. How convenient, because there's a plethora of mana artifacts and pesky enchantments your opponents may play in EDH. Acidic Slime has it all: it destroys a lot of annoying permanents and sits on the battlefield, threatening to trade with any big creature that dares to attack you. Sometimes, you simply need a way to instantly stop a combo - look no further than Krosan Grip. With the Split Second clause on Krosan Grip, your combo opponents will never have the chance to counter it or protect their combo pieces. Nothing can go wrong. Except when blowing up just one thing isn’t enough. Then it’s time to cast Bane of Progress to destroy the opposing progress while leaving behind a fat Elemental ready to destroy some opposing life points!


Thank you for joining us in this ride covering what we feel are the essentials cards to play in EDH. How do you like to build and play your EDH decks? Tell us in the comments.

Written by Malte Smits

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