EDH Essentials - Red Effects

EDH Essentials - Red Effects

This article will cover our top five favorite Red effects and some suggested cards to use to get such effects!

When most people think of Red, they think Lightning Bolt. Well, Red certainly does more than cast Lightning Bolt. It is the color of emotion, whether it be passion, anger or love. Speaking of love, there’s one thing we love about Red and that’s something called:

1. Burn Baby Burn

Nothing feels as good as dealing tons of damage directly. Burn can take care of most creatures, planeswalkers or just straight to opponents’ faces!

When you're the one with the burn spells, everyone with a lower life total will beg you to spare them and will plead for your alliance.

Sulfuric Vortex will deal damage to each player each turn while also denying any lifegain. In multiplayer games, there are often more opponents than allies that get hit, so the Vortex gets even better.

You will likely need a board wipe for your EDH deck, as creatures can often stack up on the board quite fast. The most efficient one is Blasphemous Act, which will likely kill every threat on the field. It even gets cheaper the more you need it!

There are situations where you are the player with a board full of creatures and an opponent is casting the board wipe. What to do then? Throw them onto the catapult and fire off the Goblin Bombardment! Ouch.


2. Smashing Artifacts

Red has a weird relationship with artifacts. Red usually smashes them into pieces, like with Vandalblast.

But there’s more than just mindless destruction - Scrap Mastery will get rid of all artifacts on the field. Wait, does that still count as mindless destruction? Not if they get replaced with new artifacts from graveyards! But to get the most value out of it, you will have to put some there first...


3. Rummaging, Looting, Wheeling & Dealing

What a coincidence, there are lots of ways to draw and discard, discard and draw and get new cards into your hand while discarding the unneeded.

Wheel & deal effects let each player discard their hand and draw seven new cards. A good example for this is Reforge the Soul. With a fast red deck, you should be able to empty your hand quickly and then cast Reforge to refuel and keep it burning.

A smaller, more combo oriented card is Faithless Looting. While it doesn’t provide card advantage at all, it allows you to either get key cards into your graveyard, or dig for them from your library or both! This rummaging/looting type of card shines in synergistic combo decks.


4. Spellslinging Action

Let’s get wild! Instead of only throwing singular small bolts at your opponents from time to time, we suggest you build up towards a huge explosion.

First of all, gather lots of resources and cast them so they end up in your graveyard. Then fire off Mizzix’s Mastery and watch the fireworks go off!

Are your opponents still alive to see them? Cast Guttersnipe onto the board and make sure all those spells hurt extra.


5. Chaos!

This red theme isn’t exactly the one you pick to win, but chaos effects reward the lucky while punishing the unlucky - it's pure fun!

Warp World will get rid of every single card on the board and replace it with a random card from its owner’s deck - so long as it’s a non-planeswalker permanent. Players that play tons of instants can lose it all while a creature deck will likely flood the board with monsters.

We saved the best card for last: Grip of Chaos. It does live up to its name because every single target that would be chosen is now determined at random. This can lead to: opponents destroying their own creatures, opponents’ draw spells helping other opponents and other wacky scenarios that you can experience for yourself!


We hope you enjoy burning everything on the table as much as we do.

What are your favorite Red cards for EDH? Let us know in the comments and we’ll see you next week for a look at some big beaters when it’s time to talk about Green.

Written by Malte Smits


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