EDH Essentials - White Effects

EDH Essentials - White Effects

White is the color of harmony, but also depicts the art of war with their military. Unified war! Loyalty, lawfulness and honor are all virtues white planewalkers strive for. This article will explore the top five white effects that you should know when building an EDH deck and make a few suggestions as to which cards you can play to obtain those effects.

1. Wraths

Named after the original Wrath of God, these effects (also called board wipes) usually destroy all creatures on the battlefield and sometimes even other permanents! While other colors do have massive board wipes, none do it as cleanly, efficiently and with redundancy as white does. Wraths are especially good in multiplayer games, as more opponents means you are destroying more creatures that aren’t yours!

Austere Command not only destroys creatures of varying sizes, but also gives the option to wipe all artifacts or enchantments, whichever is the biggest problem at the time.

If your playgroup is high on reanimation, send the creatures to the bottom of the library with Terminus. It even has Miracle for those crazy topdeck moments.


2. Equipment Tutors

There are many great equipment cards for EDH, like Sword of Feast and Famine of the sword cycle that gives its bearer protection from two colors, a buff in stats and powerful effects that trigger when you hit your opponent. While the equipment are colorless, white gives you access to many cards that interact with those weapons.

Stoneforge Mystic tutors for the equipment you need and then puts it onto the battlefield for just two mana.

Get any equipment you need for just one mana by casting Steelshaper’s Gift, allowing you to cast and maybe even equip it in the same turn.


3. Exile

Do your opponents’ zombies keep rising from their graves? Is that pesky artificer sacrificing and bringing back the same artifact for the sixth time? Forget the graveyard and simply send them straight to exile! White is great at exiling and forever removing permanents from the game.

Exile creatures with Swords to Plowshares, artifacts and enchantments with Return to Dust or anything you want with the good old Oblivion Ring.


4. Anthems

White is all about order - so is their military. Soldiers and Knights fighting side by side towards a glorious victory. Anthems are enchantments that buff up all your creatures, making your army way more dangerous in combat as a result.

Every new creature makes your troops stronger with Cathars’ Crusade in play, whereas True Conviction gives all of them double strike and lifelink, essentially making you unbeatable in combat.

Mirror Entity allows you to channel all your mana to directly add power to all your creatures, while also giving them the creature type Turtle (and all other types, but Turtles are awesome).


5. Locks

If you are annoyed by opponents playing ten spells a turn, creating infinite creature tokens or searching their deck for all the cards they need to win the game, you can play lock pieces that deny them in doing so.

That one Storm player off won’t be casting many spells with Rule of Law on the field.

One million creatures will cost their owner two million mana if they want to attack you through a Ghostly Prison.

And for that one wizard that keeps tutoring a card over and over again, let them test their luck within the top four cards with your Aven Mindcensor.


Those are our top five favorite effects to play in white EDH decks, but what effects do you like to play in your white EDH decks? Let us know below!

See you next week, when we will examine the top five blue effects.

Written by Malte Smits


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