Hello, what’s up tonight everyone?  Welcome, so we are reporting on a stream by Seth, playing the 5C Panharmonicon deck. Here is the what happened:

This deck is lot like the one we have on “Against the Odds”, but we have tuned it to be a little bit more streamline - a few less color. It still got the namesake card Panharmonicon (an artifact that doubles up our triggers). Everything is building around this card  and then we have a lot of the same stuff, Glint-Nest Crane finds Panharmonicon, Servant of the Conduit fixes our colors, a Prophetic Prism draws a ton of cards, otherwise the new stuff really is we have 3 Verdurous Gearhulk, they help us close out the game a lot quicker.

We also have Eldritch Evolution, and The Reflector Mage - bounce some stuff away. I think you should play this thing it's not that expensive and it's really awesome. Let’s go right into the game highlights:

Game 1: Panharmonicon



Our opponent was also playing a Panharmonicon deck. Playing Reflector Mage and Noxious Gearhulk with Panharmonicon really helped us keep our opponent at bay.


Our opponent played free Metalwork Colossus by having a Metalspinner’s Puzzleknot, and a number of other artifact creatures in play. We were to contain his board using Reflector mage and Noxious Gearhulk

Sky Sovereign is going to kill our Servant of the Conduit. Also, at some point, they’ve got to go all in on Metalwork Colossus. So while Reflector Mage helps keep us alive, we could just Reflector Mage everything.

Using multiple Panharmonicon and Cloudblazer to create a super Mulldrifter - draw 6 gain 6.


Game 2: Electrostatic Pummeler

We gained life in our early game, but we were kind of stuck here since our mana wasn’t good here. Right now the only deck we lose too apparently is this silly Electrostatic Pummeler deck.


Stacis snare would be nice for our opponent.

The Pummeler attacked rather quickly with enough energy to pump and continuously increased the damage each time.


Game 3: Energy Deck

There were a couple interesting combat decision in this game.

Decision 1:


If you blocked the attack, opponent got the energy. It is seemingly a bad move to block because gaining the energy allow them to draw the extra cards through Aetherworks Marvel. However, we had Stasis Snare to counteract anything they draw using the energy. As predicted, the opponent successfully drew out an Emrakrul, and we had the Statis Snare to handle that beast.


So what do we learn tonight is that we're not prepared

  • To play against the infinite combo version of Panharmonicon
  • We need more sidebar forward cards, to be Electrostatic Pummeler

Those are the two big takeaways so anyway don't forget the replay channel you can look back and watches higher stream or any of our old streams.

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