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If you're feeling hot, hot, hot, then it's probably an idea to get to know a real fire wielding planeswalker to help to cool you off. In our History of Chandra Nalaar, we get to know all about this flame-filled planeswalker so be sure to stay tuned for more!

Chandra's mystery first began when she was born on a currently unnamed plane to her mother and father. The couple also had 2 other daughters and a son, all of which lived together in their family home. Chandra wasn't shy of commenting on her disdain towards her sisters, but on the other side of the token; she loved and cherished her older brother dearly. Although it's unknown which war her brother took part in, the result was that he perished and left behind a saddened Chandra in his wake.

As Chandra grew older, she began to practice her innate abilities to control and manipulate fire. She found that the more than she practiced, the better she got at it until it became as natural as breathing. Chandra wasn't too happy about her magical abilities being stifled at every turn, especially with her parents trying to 'cure' her affliction to keep her in line with her plane's strict policies that included a complete ban on fire magic. Chandra was hardly known for her acceptance of authority and things really took a turn for the worst when she creates an explosive blast of fire to scare her parents and the boy that they were hoping she'd marry.

Chandra then retreated in to the mountains where she hid from her fellow villagers and family members. It was during this time that the occupants of her entire village were burned to death by the local authority who believed that more than one person must be responsible for the amount of fire that had ensued after Chandra's blast. Catching the scent of fire on the wind, Chandra returned to her village to witness her mother and sisters being the last of her family to be burned to death and after a brief fight with the police soldiery, she submitted and surrendered. As punishment, she was to be put to death instantly and it was this thought of execution that triggered Chandra to lash out and release her planeswalker spark.

While traveling with her newly found planeswalking abilities, Chandra traveled to the plane of Kephalai and stole a scroll from the Sanctum of Stars. The Dragon Scroll as it was known, was so important that it led to her being pursued by the commander of the Watch, 2 gargoyles and a unit of soldiers under the commander's control. When they finally caught up with her with the intention to execute her, Chandra unleashed a huge fire spell and escaped. With no trace of her body, Chandra's pursuers ceased their intentions which gave her time to flee.



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