A History of Chandra Nalaar Part 2

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A History of Chandra Nalaar Part 2

Welcome back to our History of Chandra Nalaar. Let's have a catch up of past events in Chandra's life and then move on to the next chapter of our story:

Chandra unleashed an explosive fire spell which led to her village being condemned in the eyes of the law. Witnessing the death of her entire family and village as a result, Chandra's planeswalker spark was ignited and she was able to flee her executors. Chandra's last act was to steal a Dragon Scroll which led to her being pursued by the city Watch before evading them temporarily.

After evading capture by the city Watch, Chandra found that her pursuers hadn't given up on her entirely. The magistrate in charge of the Sanctum of Stars turned to the Infinite Consortium who decided that Jace Beleren would be a good suitor to catch up with the hapless pyromancer and erase her memories of the incident. Jace did catch up with Chandra and a fight ensued, resulting in Jace completing his mission and returning to the Infinite Consortium with good news. Chandra on the other hand may have had her memory wiped, but she had previously handed the scroll over to the scribes of Keral Keep, where she was studying, and they had already begun making copies of the contents.

Just after experiencing her first planeswalk, Chandra settled in to a life on the plane of Regatha, which was the location of Keral Keep. She had decided to study at the monastery to better understand and develop her powers with fire. Keral Keep sounded like the ideal location for Chandra's studies, especially as rumors abound of another fire-wielding planeswalker (Jaya Ballard) being previously present. While at the Keep, Chandra practiced Jaya's beliefs and teachings which revolved around encouraging an individual's freedom of choice, while considering how those choices would affect other people.

Chandra found that her pursuits would be short lived with the new intention of the Order of Heliud, who intended to outlaw pyromancy and fire magic in all forms. Practisers were due to be executed and Chandra was in the firing line is the law was passed. While chasing an agent from the Order, she inadvertantly set fire to a huge portion of the forest and the tribes that dwelled there demanded justice and retribution. The Order decided that now would be a good time to demand Chandra's capture and punishment, so they set the cogs in motion. As a result, Chandra had no choice but to leave the Keep and was instructed to pursue Jace and retake the stolen scroll.

Unfortunately, Chandra's inexperience shone through and her failed attempt at retaking the scroll resulted in a museum and the entirety of the Sanctum of Stars to be destroyed, with everyone inside perishing. She was turned over to the soldiery by Gideon, a man that professed that he wanted to aid her but betrayed her soon after. While trapped in the dungeons, Chandra was able to escape the dungeons of Kelaphai and planeswalked to the plane of Diraden; a land ruled by the vampire Prince Velrav.

Join us again soon for the final instalment in our History of Chandra Nalaar

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