A history of Chandra Nalaar part 3

A history of Chandra Nalaar part 3

Welcome back to the final instalment of our History of Chandra Nalaar. Let’s have a quick catch up of recent events and then move on to this final chapter in her story.

After a brief battle with Jace Beleren, Chandra was left with her memory wiped and her Dragon Scroll taken from her. She eventually chased Jace down after being forced to flee from Keral Keep by the Order but her attempts fell short and she destroyed the Sanctum of Stars in the process, killing hundreds. She fled to the plane of Diraden which was shrouded in darkness and ruled by the vampire Prince Velrav.

After being captured by the inhabitants of Diraden, Chandra and Gideon, who had appeared soon after Chandra’s arrival, were taken to Prince Velrav. After awaking in the Prince’s private chambers and witnessing the tortures Gideon was experiencing, Chandra came up with a plan of escape which led to both herself and Gideon escaping, the vampire lord being slain and the plane being freed of its eternal darkness.

The pair returned to Ragatha to find that the plane was under the control of the Order. Learning that Gideon was one of their agents, Chandra left his side and traveled to Keral Keep. Up on finding the Keep under seige with the promise of a ceasefire if they turned Chandra over to the Order, Chandra learnt that not a single mage from the Keep was willing to give her in. As a result, Chandra turned herself in hoping to rectify the situation. The leader of the Order, Walbert, planned on removing Chandra’s pyromantic abilities with the use of the fabled artifact the ‘Purifying Fire’. Enlisting the aid of Gideon, Chandra learnt that the fire may not scold her if she was pure of heart. So she divulged the secrets of her past to Gideon which included her acceptance of her responsibility in leading to the death of her family and village.

Whilst in the Purifying Fire, Chandra is plagued with visions of her past before being accepted by the fire and forgiven. By the time she leaves the fire’s embrace, she is strong enough to destroy the Order’s forces, only being stopped when a piece of the cave knocks her unconscious. Up on awakening in Gideon’s care, she decides to travel to the plane of Zendikar – the original location of the Dragon Scroll. She joined with Anowon and enlisted the aid of his camp in her pursuits but he betrayed her and attempted to kill her in her sleep. Chandra was rescued by Sarkhan Vol but only to put Anowon in his place.

Sarkhan Vol is later impressed by Chandra’s fire-wielding abilities, even in her failed attempt at harming him for threatening her life soon after her rescue. Sarkhan explains the origins of the Dragon Scroll and its capabilities, before turning in to a dragon to destroy her. Jace steps in and is able to save Chandra. The pair discussed the original request for the Scroll and agree that the requestor was behind a whole host of problems. Chandra left Jace and traveled from plane to plane in the hope of finding out who the original requestor, Ramaz, actually was. For his manipulation, she intended to seek vengeance. Her journey led her to face a shaman on Kaldheim who, up on being defeated, revealed that he was merely a vessel of a greater scheme; a scheme that originated with the voice of a dragon.

And that brings us to the end of our History of Chandra Nalaar series. I hope that you enjoyed it and please feel free to share your thoughts on where she may be headed next!

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