A Jace in the hole – the history of Jace Beleren part 1

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A Jace in the hole – the history of Jace Beleren part 1

Jace has become known as one of the most talented telepaths throughout the Magic universe. Let’s take a look at the life and events of this notorious planeswalker in our History of Jace Beleren.

Jace, or Jace Beleren as he is known in full, wasn’t always as adept at telepathy as he is now. His early life was filled with insecurities and uncertainties and even his parents weren’t too fond of his affinity for magic. To cope with the embarrassment that typically followed one of Jace’s magical outbursts, his father commissioned the help of Alhammarret; the local human mage. It was under Alhammarret’s apprenticeship that Jace began to develop his innate magical ability. It was during this time that Jace was led to believe that his a recent subconscious dip in to the blind eternities was down to an illusion. After discovering the truth and that his trusted mentor had deceived him, Jace boiled with rage and during a friendly magical sparring session with his master; inadvertently destroyed Alhammarret’s mind and fled his home town as a wanted.

Jace felt an awful mourning for what he had done to his mentor and used his skills to erase his own memory. At this point in his life, Jace travelled to the plane of Ravnica and developed a pleasant life for himself. He walked side by side with nobility and the wealthy and even turned to bribery in order to make a living. His telepathic skills were the ideal way to get to know people’s dirtiest secrets and he thrived on his financial.

It was while using his telepathic abilities that Jace found himself the victim of an attack. His attackers were manifestations that had been summoned by the Infinite Consortium. Jace fended off the attackers decided to confront the Consortium’s master. The master, Tezzeret, explained that the attack was his way of inviting Jace to join the fabled ranks of the ministry. After an exchange of words, Jace agreed to join the Consortium and focused on improving his telepathy so that the organization could make use of his

It was here that Jace met Kallist; a swordsmaster of unparalleled skill. The pair looked alike and wanted to emanate their skills towards one another, and so began a partnership where both members would share their skills in their own craft to better the other. Realizing that the Consortium served purposes that Jace began to consider immoral, he slipped up on assignment and led to a genecide of a nearby Nezumi village. For his failings, his master beat him, even though the mission had failed through no mistake of

Jace’s next task was to protect Tezzeret from Nicol Bolas’ attempts to enter his mind during a meeting. Bolas’ dragon was able to manipulate Jace in to a state of vulnerability and Bolas was able to attack Tezzeret without warning. The pair fled together, but Jace began to turn against his master when Tezzeret used his manablade to torture Jace for his failure to notice Bolas’ intentions; even though he was inexperienced and was being heavily relied up on. Their relationship further soured as Jace grew wary of Tezzeret’s lust for control and decided that escape would be his best option.

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