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Welcome back to Part 2 of our History of Jace Beleren. Let’s recap on what we discovered in Part 1 and then continue with his story.

Jace was born a telepath and was assigned to the human mage Alhammarret for guidance and training. Jace fled his village after inadvertently destroying Alhammarret’s mind in an unfortunate act of rage and then wiped his memory of the incident. He came to meet Tezzeret, master of the Infinite Consortium. Here he learned many things about his telepathic abilities, including Tezzeret’s lust for power. Jace and his comrade Kallist then fled from the location in hopes of escape.

Part 2

Jace and Kallist found themselves in the far reaches of Ravnica, where they met the fabled necromancer Liliana Vess. A love triangle soon developed before Liliana decided to settle with Jace’s affections. Unbeknownst to Jace and Kallist, Liliana had secretly betrayed their location to the Infinite Consortium. After a confrontation, Jace was forced to enter Kallist’s body and control his comrade’s mind. After 6 months of travel, Jace’s spirit within Kallist’s body died and returned to his own body, but not without suffering immensely in the process. Liliana protected Jace by hiding him in a secure location, before goading him in to taking revenge on Tezzeret for killing Kallist.

Both Jace and Tezzeret embarked on a long mission to bring the other down; with Tezzeret’s agenda being to teach Jace a lesson, while Jace simply wanted to rid the world of Tezzeret’s evil and escape his clutches. After plotting with Nicol Bolas; Jace and Liliana planned an attack on Tezzeret’s sanctum but was captured in the process. Liliana’s treachery was revealed and Jace was left feeling betrayal like nothing he’d imagined. He was tortured by the pyromancer Baltrice while Tezzeret worked on a device to control Jace’s abilities.

After understanding her wrong-doing, Liliana helped to free Jace from his prison and the pair done all but destroy the inner sanctum’s construction and equipment. Jace was forced to confront his previous master and the pair duelled for hours, each one struggling to best the other. As Tezzeret tired, Jace was able to completely wipe Tezzeret’s mind, which left the Consortium without a master, but Jace was now free of his pursuer. Jace later took control of the Consortium of Ravnican as he had no choice but to fall in to the position of master due to a lack of better opportunities.

Jace went on to pursue many quests on behalf of the consortium, including the retrieval of a lost scroll that had been stolen from the Consortium, a quest that led him to a confrontation with the vampire Anowon, and he eventually became a Guildpact who wandered the planes travelling from one location to the next. His last known whereabouts are unknown, as he left Ravnica to pursue information on what had come of Garruk Wildspeaker, whom he had met previously.

So that brings us to the end of our History of Jace Beleren. He’s now become one of the most notorious planeswalker in the whole Magic universe, so what do you think the fates have in store for him next? Will he discover what befell Garruk? We’d love to hear your thoughts.


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