Alternate Art for Magic Cards

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Alternate Art for Magic Cards

We’ve all got so used to the traditional appearance of our cards that when something new comes along, we can’t help but stop and stare. This has never been truer than when you see somebody showing off their altered art collection in their binder.

Standard Alone Alter

We have picked out a few of our favorites to share with everyone:

Combo Altered Art

One of the most awesome aspects of these altered art cards is that you can create themes and pairs that look great on the board.

Feeling Inspired?

If you are feeling inspired, and would like to make your very own altered art. Here are some guidelines:

1. Don’t Modify the Card’s Information

The name, rules, mana cost and so on have to be included and prominent on the card, so don’t tamper with the official info!

2. Aim for Original Artwork

Alter means to change or to modify, so why not create some of your own artwork to add to your card?

3. Preserve the Original Border

Filling your card so that your designs overtakes the border isn’t recommended; it could potentially make the card illegal at a tournament so always try to keep your designs within the border.

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