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In today’s article, we will be featuring an artist that we have admired for awhile now. His immaculately clean lines and pop culture on cardboard has made many fans very happy customers.

We introduce to you: Brandon Brown - better known by the MtG alters community as Modfly Alters!


Artist Name: Modfly Alters

Real Name: Brandon Brown

Time Doing Alters: Almost 8 years


We have included Brandon's social media info below should you want to message him about getting your cards altered! Click below for more of his work and to contact him.

Facebook - Instagram


Foundry: When and how did you start altering?

Modfly: My local game store owner knew that I was an artist and asked me to give it a try for him.  I was so bad at it because I had never really painted prior to that.  But I kept going.

Foundry: What’s your favorite style of altering?

Modfly: My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE style would be to reproduce comic book characters.  It's something I've done since I was a kid for the most part.  I’m not that great of a renderer myself, but I find it enjoyable to recreate the work of people I admire(d) in the comic industry.

Foundry: Throughout your career taking commissions for altering, what’s the craziest thing someone has asked you to do?

Modfly: I can’t really think of anything so crazy I would highlight it here, but I definitely would say when I altered my first card worth hundreds (now over a thousand) I thought the person was absolutely insane! Haha.

Foundry: Must be amazing to be able to make money altering! Do you recall any cool stories from your time altering?  

Modfly: Some of my best and worst memories of altering happened at SCG Open events.  I did them on the East Coast for roughly 2.5 years and it was near the beginning of my experiences in the medium.  I wasn’t that great, and some people had no problem pointing that out, but there were also a lot of great folks that were very much helpful. 

It was also very cool meeting MTG artists that you’ve seen their work since the 90’s and now can put a face/personality to.  Pretty cool things.

Foundry: Who/what would you say is your biggest influence on your alters work?

Modfly: I try to treat this as a business.  It is what I do for the most part to make a living.  So I’m not really very partial as far as what influences me.  I have spent years now becoming decent (I think so anyway) at most painting styles for versatility purposes.  Something that really gets me fired up to work on a project, however, would be the difficulty level.  Pulling off the hardest work is very gratifying.  The power creep within the community is also very influential because it pushes you to get better, or get left behind. 

Foundry: What other creative things do you do?

Modfly: I’m in the process of starting a clothing brand, I do freelance graphic design, and I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (to me that is very creative, like a chess game).

Foundry: Do you have any other comments you want to tell your fans and our audience?

Modfly: First I’d like to say thank you to all of my clients for making this something I can do as a job.  That’s crazy.  And I am very thankful to enjoy what i’m doing on a daily basis.  I appreciate you all.

Second, to the alter community as a whole, you are awesome, and i’m proud to be a part of it.  Keep banging out the great work.  The talent level is insane, and i’m loving having to try and keep up!

And lastly, I'm full time sooooo, if you want a commission contact me!  


We have included Brandon's social media info below again should you want to message him about getting your cards altered! Click below for more of his work and to contact him.

Email Facebook - Instagram


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