Community Spotlight - Sandreline Moussé

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Community Spotlight - Sandreline Moussé

Today, we’ve got a treat for you - we are interviewing one of the OGs of the alters community - her name is Sandreline and she is one of the alterers who made alters popular, along with Poxy14 aka Earl Grant De Leon. Sandreline has been gracing MtG players’ decks with her realistic alters and reproductions of classic art.


Artist Name: Sandreline Moussé

Time Doing Alters: since 2009


Sandreline's contact info is below - contact her for any questions about commissioning alters and/or portraits!

Website - Facebook - Instagram


Foundry: Hi Sandreline, when and how did you start altering?

Sandreline: Pure coincidence. It was in 2008/2009. My friends and family were playing Magic - I wasn't really interested in the game itself but I was fascinated by the art. A friend showed me some altered cards, so I tried doing it myself and here I am! :)


Foundry: That’s actually pretty cool. So, what’s your favorite style of altering?

Sandreline: I like to work with a photo realistic style. That means reproducing artworks that inspire me. It can be portraits, landscapes, or whatever. I've also always been fascinated by the sky and it’s awesome colors.


Foundry: Throughout your career taking commissions for altering, what’s the craziest thing somehow has asked you to do?

Sandreline: I don't remember any bizarre requests, except maybe an artwork full of marijuana that I accepted to paint, but never posted online. A guy once asked me to paint the president of the French extreme right wing on an Enlightened Tutor but I refused.

Foundry: Wow, that’s pretty crazy. Do you recall any cool stories from your time altering?

Sandreline: I think the coolest part of my work is traveling to meet all the friends I've made thanks to Magic. I had the chance to be invited to the USA several times. I traveled in different countries with my kids, and each time I had a place to stay thanks to all the awesome Magic players.

Foundry: Who/what would you say is your biggest influence on your alters work?

Sandreline: I started at the same time that Eric Klug, Poxy and Big Up started. Even if our styles are different, these artists influenced my work and pushed me to my limits.

Foundry: That’s amazing. We talked to Poxy and he loves your stuff too! So, what other creative things do you do outside of doing alters?

Sandreline: I draw each time I travel. You know I never drew or painted before Magic, so that was kind of something new for me. Now, I draw a lot of portraits with graphite.

Foundry: That impresses us even more that you never painted before doing alters! So, do you have any other comments you want to tell your fans and our audience?

Sandreline: I'd like to thank them all. Because they probably have no idea how they changed my life. So I'll do my best to improve my work and satisfy them :)


Sandreline's contact info is below - contact her for any questions about commissioning alters and/or portraits!

Website - Facebook - Instagram

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