Elspeth Tirel Lore

Elspeth Tirel Lore

Is there any Planeswalker as noble as Elspeth? She might be an effective annihilator on the board, but what do we really know about this buxom beauty? At Wizardry Foundry, we think an important aspect of playing the game is getting to know the characters. So let's dive into the benevolent history of Elspeth Tirel and learn who she is and where she comes from!


When Elspeth came into existence, it was in a plane filled to bursting point with Phyrexians. She spent most of her early life as a prisoner, forced to serve her masters through fear of death - so far not so good hey? Well, it does get better... At the age of 13, Elspeth was approached by her dark warden and was able to manifest a spell powerful enough to leave the Phyrexian plane and enter a new one. And thus was born Elspeth, the planeswalker.

After a few years spent in turmoil, Elspeth finally came across the plane of Bant - a region filled with peace, love and all other sorts of hippy-ish activities. It didn't take her long to climb the ranks and be appointed as a knight at just 20 years old! She made a point of keeping her planeswalking abilities to herself however and didn't tell anyone where she came from. It was only when another planeswalker came tumbling from the clouds and landed by her outpost that she was forced into action. With the help of a few Rhox monks, she nursed Ajani Goldmane back to health. Elspeth tasted her first act of betrayal when Ajani decided to beat her about and tell her to get lost in no uncertain terms. She ended up taking part in several wars, each one decreasing her morality as time went on.












Since then, she'd been an ever present force - taking part in the quest for Karn, being present at Mirrodin Falls and even travelling as far as Theros. After gleaning information from the priests of Heliod, she ventured further into Nyx, facing several bad-guy favorites before being slain by the Sun God Heliod. Since then, Elspeth has spent her afterlife in complete mystery, unknown even to the most devout followers of Magic lore. Some say that she ponders a life left behind, others claim that she intends to return with a vengeance. Whatever Elspeth is planning, it will surely come to fruition in the near future.

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