Hear me roar – The History of Ajani Goldmane part 1

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Hear me roar – The History of Ajani Goldmane part 1

If there’s a couple of Planeswalkers that you’d try to avoid in a dark alley, the chances are that Ajani’s amongst their number. But what do we really know about this man-beast? Where did he come from and who trims his mane? Well let’s get to know a little bit more about Ajani in Part 1 of our History of Ajani Goldmane.

Ajani’s Early Years

Ajani was actually born amongst his Nacatl race as an albino. This led to him being treated as different (who knew that racism existed amongst a race of lions?), and he was branded the unfortunate title ‘white as death’. Being cared for by his brother Jazal in his early life did have a few perks; Jazal became kha to the Qasal Valley pride with the hopes that Ajani would one day be able to follow in his footsteps.

Unfortunately, this plan never came to fruition and Ajani became resented by other members of the pride. Being the modest character that Ajani is, he took their jeers on the chin and decided to confide in his shaman-friend Zaliki. Many believe that it was under Zaliki’s tutelage that Ajani first learnt to control his abilities to tap in to soul magic, but in any instance; Ajani developed the skill to see deep in to another being’s spirit and understand their essence.

Ajani’s Taste of Magic

As his skill developed, so to did his reputation and he became one of the most renown healers in the pride. Rather than being greeted by a satisfied tribe, Ajani was still kept at arms length but slowly learned to accept his pride’s resentment and instead prioritized focusing his abilities on keeping his brother safe from opponents to his title.

After a strange twist of fate, Ajani found himself the victim of a group of humans that had been sent to attack and potentially kill him. Jazal was concerned over this event as humans wouldn’t often target a lone member of a pride, but nonetheless he repelled the attack to defend his younger brother. In honor of his brother’s efforts, Ajani set out on a hunt to claim a beast for the celebration of Marisi’s Breaking of the Coil.

A Sour Loss

After bringing down a Godsire, his kill was taken from him by Tenoch; one of Ajani’s worst persecutors and a respected member of the Qasal Valley pride. After a severe beating, Ajani crawled back to the festivities where Jazal was forced to defend his younger brother once more. As the night progressed, a mysterious figure approached the celebration and unleashed dark magic that manifested in to physical forms; their intention to attack the members of the pride.

During the fighting, Jazal was killed with his own axe, and Ajani, too late to protect his brother, was left holding his dead body. It was at this moment that Ajani reached in to Jazal’s essence and heard a message from his deceased brother’s spirit. When he came to, his surroundings had changed and he realized that he was no longer on Naya.

That’s all for Part 1 of the History of Ajani Goldmane – stay tuned for more!

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