Hear me roar – The History of Ajani Goldmane part 2

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Hear me roar – The History of Ajani Goldmane part 2

Welcome back to the second installment of the History of Ajani Goldmane. Let’s carry on where we left off after a quick summary!

An albino-born Ajani faced many trials and tribulations during his up-bringing. After learning soul magic, he made a name for himself within his pride as an excellent healer, but was still struggling to find acceptance. After a mysterious stranger approached his tribe during a celebratory festival and unleashed a devastating spell, his brother was slain by the magical manifestations and Ajani awoke in a realm far from his native Naya.


Ajani’s troubles hadn’t finished just yet as he had planeswalked to the land of Jund. After exploring the location for a while, he stumbled across the dread dragon Karrthus and was almost killed had it not been for the appearance of Sarkhan Vol. After an introduction and explanation of the events that had befallen his pride and most importantly; his brother, Sarkhan taught Ajani how to control his planeswalking ability. Ajani travelled back to Naya and walked the Qasali Valley, before making his way to his slain brother’s lair; claiming his axe and forging a new weapon.

Ajani searched for his brother and found that the remaining Nacatl had cremated him along with other members of the pride. Ajani made his way towards his long-time foe Tenoch and threatened to end his life by throwing him over a cliff edge. His threat almost came to fruition, but after a brief scuffle Ajani found himself falling over the end of the cliff and hit the ground – fatally wounded. His spirit and body were unavoidably transported to the Blind Eternities, where he awoke in the care of Elspeth of Tirel on the plane of Bant.

After being treated by his fellow planeswalker, Ajani travelled back to Naya to speak with Tenoch’s Mother, who warned him that Marisi may have had something to do with the attack on the pride. Blaiming the legendary hero for his brother’s death, Ajani traveled to confront Marisi. Up on meeting Marisi, Ajani found himself being redirected to seek a dragon of Jund. Ajani acknowledged the new information and turned on his heel to travel to Jund and face Karrthus, only to realize that the entire plane had been removed from existence. Unfortunately, the planeswalker had already begun his journey and was diverted, where he met Clan Nel Toth leader Kresh, who swore to assist Ajani in his bid for revenge.

After stumbling across his old friend Zaliki on Alara who requested Ajani’s help in slaying Sarkhan’s dragons, Ajani had no option but to allow his need for revenge to dither and fade away, as he discovered that Zaliki had been responsible for the attack on the tribe, and as a result; his brother Jazal’s death. The leader of the enemy army, Bolas, decided that now was the time to act and attacked. Bolas consumed the mana of the Maelstrom in order to unleash a spell to decimate Ajani’s comrades, but Ajani was able to siphon the remaining mana and used it to banish Bolas from the plane.

That brings us to the end of part 2, why not check out part 1 and see if you can start piecing together what might happen next!

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