Hear me roar – The History of Ajani Goldmane part 3

Hear me roar – The History of Ajani Goldmane part 3

Welcome back to the third installment of out History of Ajani Goldmane. Let’s have a recap of recent events in this Planeswalker’s life and then get to know how his story concludes!

Ajani found that he’d inadvertently planeswalked to the plane of Jund, where he learnt to master his planeswalking potential with the aid of Sarkhan Vol. Ajani confronted his old nemesis Tenoch after forging a new weapon from his slain brother’s axe and his own, but was cast over a cliff edge and left for dead. Ajani was cared for by Elspeth of Tirel before returning to hunt his brother’s killer. Finding out that it was his old tutor, Zaliki, Ajani was forced to put his need for revenge aside and had to assist Zaliki’s force in fighting off a huge army under the command of Bolas. Ajani’s last act was to absorb the Maelstrom’s mana and use it to banish Bolas from Alara.

Part 3

After banishing Bolas from the plane and helping Zaliki’s army to recuperate, Ajani decided to pursue Elspeth. After a short amount of time searching, he located her within the gladiatorial arenas of Urborg. After a brief discussion, Ajani requested that Elspeth return with him as he felt that her talents would be put to better use healing the sick on Alara. Elspeth rejected Ajani’s request and the pair briefly parted.

Deciding that Elspeth needing him in her time of need, Ajani returned to his fellow planeswalker where he agreed to accompany her on her quest to set things right. To do this, the pair would need to face their enemies together and overcome obstacles; all of which they felt they were ready for. With their quest finally in motion, the pair began their arduous journey to the Temple of Kruphix.

They traveled to the siren’s shipyard where Ajani summoned the wreckage of the Lost Monsoon. No sooner had he done so than the legendary mariner Callephe appeared. She agreed to ferry the pair to their destination and they set off in to the distance soon after. The pair didn’t realize, but Callephe was intending to trap them before they reached their destination, but fortunately for Ajani and Elspeth, Kiora had stepped in to reveal Callephe’s plan. The pair were able to part safely and traveled to the Temple of Kruphix on foot.

Once at the temple, the God Kruphix allowed them entry to Nyx. Once inside, the pair confronted the God Xenagos and Elspeth struck him low. They were warned by Nylea that Heliod wouldn’t be far behind, and were encouraged to leave as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, they were too late and after a brief confrontation with Heliod, the god murdered Elspeth with her own weapon as Ajani was helpless to intervene.

Feeling the pain of his friend and comrade falling in combat, Ajani passed out and awoke back in Tethmos, surrounded by Brimaz’s soldiery. The newly crowned king faced Ajani in a brief duel, before Ajani decided that his efforts would be best spent spreading the word of Heliod’s murder of Elspeth, with the intention of turning people away from the gods. Ajani now travels the planes wearing Elspeth’s cape; a solemn reminder of his fallen comrades bravery in battle and his promise to avenge her.

And that brings us to the end of our History of Ajani Goldmane. What do you imagine happening with his storyline as things progress? Will he avenge Elspeth, or will he fall victim to the same god for his troubles?

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