History of Gideon - Part 1 - Kytheon of Akros

History of Gideon - Part 1 - Kytheon of Akros

As we continue our walkthrough of the Gatewatch, we turn from it’s newest member to one of it’s founders.  Another white walker, Gideon takes on a much different tone than his Leonin counterpart, Ajani, and has a much different role.  Like with Ajani, major events in Gideon’s life involved the Gods of Theros.

He fought the law...

Gideon Jura was born with the name Kytheon Iora in the city of Kolophon on the plane of Theros.  His father left before he was born and his mother died young.  Kytheon joined a gang and quickly made himself its leader.

But Kytheon being Kytheon, this gang was less Grand Theft Auto and more Robin Hood - steal from the rich and give to the poor.  Unfortunately, these exploits ended with the young man in a prison cell.

But in a case of rehabilitation over punishment, the warden of the prison at the time, called Hixus, saw Kytheon’s potential.  He began training the young mage in hieromancy (the power of law and order) while teaching him magic. Hixus prepared Kytheon for the bright future he foresaw for him.  That future came about when the city of Kolophon came under attack, and clemency was offered to those that would help.

With his new power, Kytheon did more than help.  He rallied his gang and helped carry the day.

Heliod, Theros’ white god, then tasked Kytheon with defeating the titan of a rival god Erebos and granted him a magic spear to assist.  Kytheon again lead his Irregulars into battle, but once the day was won, the dark god himself appeared.  Kytheon hurled his spear at the massive deity but Erebos flung it right back at the young hero.


And this is when Kython learned an important lesson: just because you are indestructible, that doesn’t mean your friends are. They perished.

Kids, don’t planeswalk to Theros.  Nothing good ever happens to planeswalkers there.

The pain of this loss caused Kytheon’s spark to ignite and he slipped away.  Planeswalking to Bant, he awoke at the feet of a noble knight.  A noble knight that, as it turns out, couldn’t pronounce Kytheon’s name correctly.  And that’s when Kytheon Iora became Gideon Jura.

There's more to come about Gideon in the coming weeks - stay tuned!

Compiled and written by Robert Trueblood

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