History of Gideon - Part 2 - Hammer of Justice

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History of Gideon - Part 2 - Hammer of Justice

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Gideon’s middle career - that is, his time between his training on Bant and the formation of the Gatewatch - is best summarized by the old saying “when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

This is not to call Gideon stupid, but it’s to say that he’s perhaps the most direct planeswalker of the Gatewatch.  Nearly the perfect soldier, he is both a master in a fight and near indestructible, which tended to lead to him rushing off to battles without all the facts.

For example, his first meeting with Chandra Nalaar.  Tasked by the order of Heliud (possibly no relation to the god Heliod?), Gideon sought out the red walker Chandra Nalaar, who they claimed was a threat to order on the plane.  After many trials and tribulations, he finally returned victorious…

Only to learn the leader of the order had planned on sacrificing Chandra to the Purifying Fire to help him conquer world.  Disheartened, he provided Chandra with the knowledge she needed to survive the trial.  Once she did, she turned her own flames on those that sought her sacrifice and warned Gideon to consider his alliances carefully before leaving.

Battle for Zendikar

Gideon followed her to the plane of Zendikar… right about the time she accidentally released the Eldrazi.  Finding himself standing with people as a wave of Eldritch horrors attacked, Gideon did what Gideon does best - he stood in between the innocents and those that sought them harm.  Which worked well until Emrakul showed up.


Realizing he was outmatched he slipped off to the plane of Ravnica, hoping to find the help of a group of planeswalkers he had heard operated there (Tezzeret’s infinite Consortium).  He didn’t manage to find them, but instead found a plane ready to tear itself apart.  Ravnica is run by ten guilds, whose constant infighting had lead the “guildless” to begin to rebel.  Gideon being Gideon, he began siding with the Boros Garrison in their struggle to keep order - though it’s worth noting that he never joined them completely, and disagreed with their leader Aurelia’s aggressive tactics.

Gideon’s life became a constant fight.  Eschewing sleep, he jumped between the planes of Zendikar and Ravnica, fighting the good fight wherever he could.

Stay tuned for more about Gideon in the coming weeks!

Compiled and written by Robert Trueblood

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