History of Gideon - Part 3 - The Gatewatch

History of Gideon - Part 3 - The Gatewatch

Last time, we saw Gideon fighting the good fight on Ravnica and Zendikar...

A Shift in Tactics

It’s difficult to say how long this stretch of unending combat would have continued had Gideon not had a chance encounter with a scholar.  She hinted that there may be a final victory on Zendikar, but the solution involved the Leylines.  Gideon was out of his depth, and sought help from the smartest person he knew - Jace Beleren, The Living Guildpact.

He also tried to recruit Chandra knowing they would need all the help they could get.  But for the moment she was having none of it.

Jace returned with Gideon to Zendikar.  With the blue mage focused on solving the leylines puzzle, Gideon rallied the people of Zendikar (including its native daughter Nissa).  An epic battle managed to retake the lost capital at Seagate and set the stage for a trap that should have been the final confrontation with Eldrazi Titan Ulamog.


But it didn’t quite go that way.  The demon / planeswalker Ob Nixilis used the trap to get his planeswalker spark back (long story for another day!) and foiled their plan, also calling forth Ulamog’s buddy Kozilek.  Nixilis then proceeded to one-vs-three the assembled planeswalkers, very nearly ending the Gatewatch before it even began.


They were saved by Chandra, who felt responsible for the destruction and finally decided to come off the bench.  Nixilis fled and left the four planeswalkers with two Eldrazi titans to deal with.

Facing a nearly insurmountable task, the four decided not to flee.  Jace worked out a plan to defeat the Titans, using Nissa’s control of the Leylines and Chandra’s control over fire to burn them to ashes.

And Gideon?  Gideon did what Gideon does best - he made sure his companions survived to execute the plan, and kept them from burning alive in Chandra’s inferno.

Founding Father

Besides being a founding member of the Gatewatch, Gideon serves an important purpose.  Having always worn his heart on his indestructible sleeve, Gideon keeps the compass of kickass always directed at those who would enslave and destroy.  Always the first one into the fight and the last to leave, he is the stalwart champion of justice and the ally to all.

And that may prove his downfall.  For as the Gatewatch approaches Amonkhet after the battle on the planes of Innistrad and Kaladesh, they once again throw themselves into a worthy fight with limited information.  More focused on fighting the fight than winning it, the Fab Five have their work cut out for them if they seek to defeat the God-Pharaoh Nicol Bolas.

Compiled and written by Robert Trueblood

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