History of Liliana - Part 1 - Death of Josu

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History of Liliana - Part 1 - Death of Josu

Us gamers at Wizardry Foundry love Liliana Vess! She’s a planeswalker that’s much different from others. This article outlines the event that ignites her planeswalker spark.

To start, she is far older than the other members of the Gatewatch.  For another, she and Chandra are the only two who have actively towed the line between protagonist and antagonist, though for very different reasons.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.  Let’s return to the beginning

A long time ago…

Liliana's story begins on Dominaria, a plane that holds a dear place in many old school Magic players’ hearts.

For the uninitiated, in a time before each set was it’s own plane, the plane of Dominaria was where the majority of Magic’s stories took place.  Magic’s story tracked the ebbs and flows of this one plane over generations, with diverse geography and well established locations.

Liliana was the daughter of a lord and general, and she grew to be a rather amorous teenager which caused some minor scandal.  Her father entrusted her education to the healer Lady Ana, but Liliana being Liliana, she augmented her own training by becoming a self-taught necromancer.

But Liliana did have at least one soft spot - her brother, Josu.  Josu was poisoned by her father’s enemies, and the only cure lay deep in a forest where fighting was taking place.  Undaunted, the young woman set out to find it.

And she did - or rather, found that the fighting had ruined it.  And so, Lilianna was forced to go back empty handed and accept the loss…

Quoth the raven, “that’s not what happened next.”

Enter the Raven Man.  We don’t know his real name.  He claimed, at the time, to be a supporter of Liliana’s father, but whether he is some dark spirit, a manifestation of Liliana’s psyche, a dark planeswalker, or something else entirely that we don’t know.  (though our money’s on “it’s all in her mind”!)

He persuaded Liliana that she could use her dark powers to repair the medicine.  That with it, she could save her brother.  I mean - what’s the worst that can happen?

Well, after Liliana gave Josu her improved potion, he went kill crazy and tried to murder everything in sight.  Which is what happened.  He was angry at what Liliana had turned him into - an undead corpse.  

Liliana, desperate to save herself, raised those he killed to fight her brother, but the strain was too much.  

Her spark ignited, and she slipped away to her life as a planeswalker.  Her first jump, naturally, took her to Innistrad.


We hope you enjoyed this brief overview of how Liliana ignited her spark. Next week, we continue with the story of the demonic pact to restore her youth and her connection to Nicol Bolas...

Written by Robert Trueblood

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