History of Liliana - Part 2 - Demonic Pact

History of Liliana - Part 2 - Demonic Pact

Last time, we examined the Liliana’s origins story and the event that triggered the ignition of her spark. (Psst, it’s something messed up about her brother Josu.)

Innistrad and Interregnum

We don’t know much about her time on Innistrad, but we do know a few things:

When she first arrived there, she was greeted by a rather irate angel.  Undaunted, Liliana killed this angel and took her fancy headdress.  She then promptly began learning how to use her new abilities.

We also know that shortly after she arrived, another planeswalker came calling, and the meeting made an impression.  You see, Innistrad is home to a vampire by the name of Sorin Markov, who was already millennia old and protective of his home.

Liliana would later say that in the ensuing struggle, he trounced her thoroughly, making his point clear: “stay if you want, but understand that you are a guest in my home.  And I will kick you to the curve if you mess this place up.”

Centuries later, this message would still stick.

And speaking of centuries, we are not entirely sure what Liliana was up to before the Mending, only that she tended to use her powers for her own comfort, and that she found a way to use them to keep her from aging.

Dark Deals

If you don’t remember the Mending from our topic on Nicol Bolas, here’s a brief overview:

Back in the day, planeswalkers were basically omnipotent, allowing Liliana to do things like prevent the aging of her body.  But when epic level magic was being thrown around, it created rifts in the fabric of realities which threatened to destroy everything in the Multiverse.

A group of planeswalkers came together to mend the rifts, sacrificing much in the process.  But along with their physical sacrifice came a future one: the power of planeswalkers would be forever limited.

And when you are centuries old and require your power to stay young and healthy, that’s a huge problem.  And so Liliana’s youth slipped away in a blink of an eye, and she found herself desperate to return to her youth.  In her struggle, she turned to the most powerful being she knew…

Nicol Bolas

Que ominous music.

Bolas, however, wasn’t up for doing his own dirty work.  He arranged another deal: four demons named Kothophed, Razaketh, Griselbrand and Belzenlock would restore Liliana’s youth and grant her strength at the price of her service.  She accepted, believing even then that the power they granted her could allow her to weasel out of her agreement.


The tattoos she is often seen wearings - the lines over her skin that appear when she uses these powers - are a symbol of her bond, carved by the demon Kothophed.

However, since the first deal had gone so well, she decided to work with Bolas again.

We hope you enjoyed the second part of the History of Liliana Vess. Stay tuned next week for part 3.

Compiled and written by Robert Trueblood.

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