History of Liliana - Part 3 - The Chain Veil

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History of Liliana - Part 3 - The Chain Veil

Previously, Liliana made a demonic pact to regain some powers.


Liliana set herself up on Ravnica, and began to act as a freelancer for Tezzeret’s Infinite Consortium.  Her ultimate objective was far more cruel: Nicol Bolas had promised her that he would help her get out from her deal with the demons if she helped him regain control.  Liliana quickly established that the key to taking back control of the Consortium was through a young mind mage named Jace Beleren.

Jace worked closely with Tezzeret, who believed that the young man could shield his mind from Bolas.  When this turned out to be untrue, the two were set at each other’s throats.

And Liliana was there, egging him on.  Jace and Liliana began an amorous affair as they slowly dismantled the Tezzeret’s machinations, ending in his eventual defeat.

Liliana began to show affection for Jace, and he in her.  But it was not to be - Liliana left, desperate to break her demonic pacts, and hoping Bolas was as good as his word.  Still, this relationship would be one that they would nurse for years to come.

Fun fact: Bolas is a liar.

We need more power

As part of her service in the deal she made, one of her demonic patrons - Kothophed - sent Liliana to retrieve The Chain Veil.

The Chain Veil is an ancient artifact, forged by a now extinct race of ogres - the Onakke of Shandalar.  It’s a dark and powerful artifact that grants immense power to whomever can endure it without dying or turning into a demon.


Liliana takes it for herself, of course.  And her initial test was a fearsome one.  When she arrived to Shandalar, she was beset by a beast.  Not surprisingly, she killed it.

This did not sit well with it’s master, Garruk Wildspeaker.



Garruk tracked Liliana for what he did to her beast, chasing her through an ancient temple.  In the end, she slammed a terrible curse on him, empowered by the Chain Veil.  It failed to slay the rogue walker, but it allowed her to survive the battle and put him on a murderous path.

After taking some time to get accustomed to her new powers and conquer a small fortress (as anyone would do!), she decided that it was time to settle the score with Kothophed.

She returned to the demon and used her new powers to tear him asunder.  In doing so, her tattoos began to bleed - the power of the Chain Veil was too much.

She had to know more.  She should have read the terms of service.


Written by Robert Trueblood

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