History of Liliana - Part 4 - The Helvault

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History of Liliana - Part 4 - The Helvault


After her battle with Kothophed, Liliana returned to Shandalar and reanimated someone who she hoped could tell her of the forgers.  Not surprisingly, the locals were opposed to this idea, and took offense to the desecration.  Even more so, the Raven Man began possessing the corpse and telling eerie riddles.  Once Liliana realized that she was gaining little from the possessed corpse and angry mob, she opted to leave and work on her other project: obliterating her demonic patrons.

Her next target was Griselbrand.


Griselbrand’s home was Innistrad, so to Innistrad she went.  But there was one problem: once there, she couldn’t find him - he seemed to have vanished.  So, while she was being pursued by Garruk and the locals, she set out to find the demon.


But Griselbrand was not the only one missing.  The Archangel Avacyn, head of the church that bears her name and the protector of Innistrad, was also absent.


Her search led her to Thraben, and the center of the church.  Unfortunately the dysfunctional siblings Gisa and Geralf were leading an army of undead to loot the place.


Gisa and Geralf killed one of the few men who could give her answers: Mikeaus.  As the head of the church, he would have some idea.  So, as is her rite, the necromancer retrieved his corpse and reanimated it.


He told Liliana that her quarry Griselbrand and Innistrad's savior Avacyn were locked together in the Helvault, a magical prison for all things dark.  The only way to free either was to destroy the vault, which would free everything inside.


Unable to destroy the Helvault herself, Liliana wove a dark spell around the obelisk and turned to a young captain named Thalia.  She gave Thalia a choice - destroy the vault, or lose her men.


Thalia broke the vault for Liliana.

When the Griselbrand emerged, he was disoriented from his imprisonment.  Liliana made short work of him (and pretty much anything that stood between her and her prey).  Her task complete, she slipped off.

Whispers of the Veil

Returning to the temple on Shandalar where she had found the Chain Veil, Liliana began to feel the Chain Veil’s taunts of visions of the long lost civilization.  Through these whispers (and the death gasps of an angel) she learned that she had become the vessel of the lost civilization, eager to be free.  She learned further that the Raven Man had been the architect of the civilization's destruction.  She tried to put the Chain Veil back, but her own body refused to let it go.  Even animated servants would not return it to it’s place, and returned it to her upon dismissal.

Disheartened, Liliana sought out the one man who maybe might know a way out. Jace.

Next week, we will examine Liliana’s relationship with Jace. Some other events also brew that will bring Liliana closer to the Gatewatch.

Written by Robert Trueblood

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