History of Liliana - Part 5 - Consequences

History of Liliana - Part 5 - Consequences

Last time, we saw Liliana looking to destroy Griselbrand.  This time, we will examine how her actions had major consequences that threatened entire planes.

Two Refusals

Liliana caught up with Jace on Ravnica, and convinced him to join her for a fancy meal.  They chatted about her conduct over the past few years: cursing Garruk, running out on Jace and being a secret agent for Bolas.  It wasn’t going great.  It was in the middle of this meal when a stranger burst into the room.  His name was Gideon Jura, and he was there to ask for Jace’s help with the Eldrazi threat on Zendikar.


Jace, partially feeling responsible and partially intrigued, agreed to help.  He also had a hand in letting the Eldrazi out - that’s a long story for another article.  Liliana, in trying to play coy with her motives and predicament, had just blown the best lead she had.

She stalked off, and was confronted again by the Raven Man.  He mocked her before disappearing, and Liliana decided to regroup on Innistrad.

She was still there desperately trying to have her pet mad scientists disentangle her mind from the Chain Veil’s when it was Jace’s turn to arrive on her doorstep.  Jace sought Sorin Markov (the vampire planeswalker from Liliana’s first trip to Innistrad), and asked for Liliana’s help.  But this time, it was Liliana’s turn to kick him to the curb: he was acting weird, and kind of mad.  So she sent him packing and continued her own experiments.


Two things would bring Liliana back into the story, and into the Gatewatch.  One is her concern for Jace, which did exist.  The other is perhaps some modicum of responsibility for what was happening on Innistrad.  But her part in what was to come was not minor, and to understand that, we have to make a tangent into another storyline.

Before Liliana even existed, three planeswalkers came together to imprison the Eldrazi on Zendikar: Nahiri, Sorin, and Ugin.  As Zendikar was Nahiri’s home, after the Eldrazi were imprisoned, she agreed to stay behind and make sure they never got out again.


Well, they got out.  Nahiri set up the signal for her friends to come help her, but they never arrived.  So she sealed away the Eldrazi herself, then set off to find out what happened (this was still before the Mending).

Her first stop was Innistrad, where her mentor Sorin lived.  He was marveling over his latest creations, including the Helvault.  When asked why he had not heeded the call, he realized that the measures he had created to protect the plane blocked their signal.  He never received her message.  Nahiri, feeling betrayed and under the opinion that Sorin was insufficiently sorry for failing to do his duty, tried to attack Sorin.  Sorin locked Nahiri inside the Helvault.

When Liliana had Thalia destroy the Helvault, she both let Nahiri free and weakened Innistrad’s plane protections.  When Nahiri got home to Zendikar, she realized that the Eldrazi had gotten out again and believed all hope lost.  She swore vengeance.  

Nahiri returned to Innistrad and warped it’s magic, driving Avacyn mad.  Sorin was forced to slay his greatest creation Avacyn, at which point the last of his protection was lifted.


Nahiri used this weakness to bring about her plan: she brought the Eldrazi Titan Emrakul to Innistrad.


Compiled and written by Robert Trueblood

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