History of Liliana - Part 6 - The Oath of Liliana

History of Liliana - Part 6 - The Oath of Liliana

Last time, we saw Liliana break open the Helvault, not knowing that she would release Nahiri, who would bring Emrakul to wreak havoc upon Innistrad.

Shadows over Innistrad

Liliana was oblivious to the consequences of her actions, as she was focused on not being a pawn for an extinct race of ogres via the influence of the Chain Veil.  She sought the Vampire Olivia Voldaren, hoping to use her resources in her search to free herself from the Chain Veil.  But when she arrived on Innistrad, she found the vampires readying for war, and Sorin Markov among them.


Sorin let her know that what was happening: the madness and the Eldrazi titan - all of it was her fault.  He berated her, then echoed his protege: the world is lost and I will avenge it.  He lead a vampire army to assault Nahiri.


Liliana almost fled, but then she realized Jace would be at the center of the mayhem.  And out of concern for his safety - or out of his potential usefulness - she raised an army of zombies and marched on to Thraben.


Eldritch Moon

She arrived just in time.  Shielding the Gatewatch and helping to hold the line, they fought to the center of the action.  The Raven Man shielded her from a psychic assault from Emrakul, and once Jace was free, he and the moonfolk planeswalker Tamiyo from Kamigawa prepared the final spell.  The spell, modified by Emrakul’s power, trapped the titan in the moon, and the day was saved.


For their parts, both Tamiyo and Liliana were offered a place in the Gatewatch.  The former refused, but Liliana…


Well, why have one powerful planeswalker on your side when you can get four for the price of one?  Liliana planned to use the Gatewatch to help her break her demonic contracts, and so joined their ranks.

Kaladesh & Aether Revolt

As a member of the Gatewatch, Liliana made strides to befriend the other members, and had some luck with the fire planeswalker Chandra Nalaar.

Liliana’s role in the story of Kaladesh was threefold:  

Firstly, when Chandra was missing home, it was Liliana that convinced her to return.  The two had some fun in Kaladesh, before running into Tezzeret.

Secondly, as Chandra had never met the Tezzeret before, it was Liliana who realized the threat he caused, and Liliana who slipped away to fetch reinforcements.  As the revolution grew around them, it was on Tezzeret that she focused her undivided attention; though she did get along quite well with Aetherborn Yahenni.

Thirdly, when the Gatewatch needed someone to confront Tezzeret directly and keep him occupied, Liliana volunteered.  Their duel was abnormal for several reasons, the largest one being that Liliana eschewed her normal “bring an army of zombies” routine so that their allies on Kaladesh didn’t throw her in a cell.  Despite this handicap, Liliana reigned supreme, and only the poorly-timed destruction of the Planar Bridge kept her from finishing Tezzeret for good.


Before he fled, with her boot to his throat, Tezzeret revealed Bolas’ location: Amonkhet.

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