Marvelous (GR Marvel Breach, Modern) – Stream Highlights

Marvelous (GR Marvel Breach, Modern) – Stream Highlights

Hello planewalkers!  What’s up?

Today we are reporting on a stream by Seth from MTGGoldfish, playing Aetherworks Marvel in Modern.

This deck is aiming to ramp into Aetherworks Marvel with Wall of Roots, Mind Stone and then it suspends a Greater Gargadon and also stack out all of the lands to generate energy. Hopefully you can immediately activate Aetherworks Marvel and then the fun happens. We get to cast things like Worldspine Wurm and Emrakul, the Mind Stone and also, as a back-up plan, we have Through the Breach which is a more common way to sneak Emrakul in the place.

The Greater Gargadon combo seems very interesting. Otherwise is pretty straight forward. Ancient Stirrings helps us find our Aetherworks Marvel and Mind Stones, Lands, Puzzleknots, so let’s see what will happen.

Game 1:

The opponent started with some mana, we would probably gonna die in turn 1. Ancient Stirrings were good in helping us find what we needed. We expected that we’d just going to die though.

The problem we had in this matchup is that we’d gonna be good at killing our opponent in turn 4 with this hand, hopefully, but our opponent was probably gonna kill us on turn 1. Let’s suspend Gargadon, play a Forest , pass the turn .

Our opponent’s deck was very combo focused. Basically he hoped to have the right combination of Guards to win on turn 1 or Spoils of the Vault.

For Goryo’s vengeance - they couldn’t draw before attacking so it might be hard for them to kill us . They only got one draw with Griselbrand, unless they drew the Soul Spike to gain life and get more draws. They did Soul spike, drew more cards , another Souls spike, drew more cards. We didn’t have a Lightning bolt or Gut shot, so we scooped out.

Opponent won the match!

Game 2

Let’s play Aether Hub , gain energy, play Wall of roots , play Mind stone, pass the turn. We had enough energy then. If we ‘d find a Marvel, we would be able to activate it to Greater Gargadon.

Let’s draw another card with Mind stone, another Wall of roots. We finally drew Aetherworks Marvel .


Aether Hub, let’s gain some energy, suspend our Greater Gargadon, we were going to activate an Aetherworks marvel.

And the opponent gave up.

Game 3

We were not dead even if our opponent got infinite scries.

So what happened here, if you haven’t seen this combo before, we should probably explain it. About this combo: Melira makes it so creatures can have counters placed on them. When Kitchen finks dies, it has persist so it comes back into play, if it had no counters on it -1/-1, so Melira doesn’t let a -1/-1 counter go on it. The point is to infinitely stack the Kitchen finks with Viscera seer which lets you stack a creature and scry.

Normally, if we knew we were dead, we’d scoop to this. However in this scenario, we were actually not convinced that we were dead. We thought that there was an above average chance to make it out of there alive.

So our opponent left something on top , we didn’t know what it was, when we went to Emrakul they’d probably just go through the whole loop again .

They casted the Kitchen fink , so we would win . Cracked Wooded Foothills , get a Stomping Ground tapped , we draw another land . Let’s play throughout getting energy . So we Through the breach and Emrakul , our opponent was probably gonna spend another 10 minutes gaining life.

We wanted to maximize the amount of time we had a Aetherworks Marvel.

So our opponent had a Path to Exile in their deck.

We'd rather scoop.

Game 4

We were actually having lots of mana. We didn’t know if it would be quick enough. We also had Through the breach, so if we just drew an Emrakul , we could win.

If our opponent got life gain, that’d be an issue. We drew a Mind stone, so Aether up, getting energy and Mind stone, passed the turn . We were two turns away from Emrakul. We took 7 damage and we might had been dead before we got to play the Emrakul. Aether up and WE WERE DEAD.

So what did we learn from these games?

We thought that Aetherworks Marvel was unplayable in Modern and we’re pretty sure that we were right. The deck is really fun and it’s really cool, but it kinda feels against the odds 

So the problem is, if you’re gonna cheat Emrakul and so forth in the play is it really worth it to play a tune with Aether and Woodweaver's Puzzleknot?

This deck has made us consider that we really like the possibility of Aetherworks Marvel working in restore balance because it’s another way to cheat restore balance into play.

That’s the takeaway we got from this. Don’t forget to check out the other game highlights and new products that we have on the blog!

See you next time!

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