Method to my Madness - Madcap Moon, Modern

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Method to my Madness - Madcap Moon, Modern

Hello everybody, what’s up tonight?  Welcome to our new stream report by Seth, playing Blue/Red Deck in Modern. Here is the what happened:


This is a Blue Moon type deck, with some Blood Moons (which is where the Moon part of the name comes from), some Madcap Experiments, only two Artifacts (Platinum Emperion), which we ‘re gonna hit when we use Madcap Experiment, in order not to lose life. The plan is to protect Platinum Emperion with Mana Leaks and Remands, and use it to win the game, although some decks just can’t deal with Platinum Emperion.

Game 1


This was a matchup where if we got a Platinum Emperion, we literally just won the game.


At the beginning of the game, our opponent used Monastery Swiftspear, which he countered with Mana Leak. Madcap Experiment appeared in the next turn.

We used Madcap Experiment and opponent scooped. Well that was fast!


Game 2

That was an interesting game, longer than the last one.


Our opponent led with a Wild Nacatl. We played Scalding Turn and passed the turn. Opponent attacked with Wild Nacatl and Monastery Swiftspear and Lightning Bolt, we used Scalding Turn to pick a Mountain and we bolted Wild Nacatl.

Opponent used Boros Charm, and we were uncertain if we should counter it. Our life total dropped to 8, we really wanted to use Madcap Experiment with Spell Snare for backup, but probably that’s not gonna happen, so we counter.

After the draw, we got double Madcap Experiment, so we casted Madcap Experiment, got a Platinum Emperion. Even if our opponent killed it, we got the second Madcap Experiment again next turn for another Platinum Emperion. Opponent used Destructive Revelry as predicted… (If they have two Destructive Revelry, we can’t do anything about that). It was time to use Madcap Experiment #2 & Platinum Emperion #2. If they had a second Destructive Revelry, we might cry! Luckily, opponent used Swiftspear and his life total was at 16, so we only needed two hits with Platinum Emperion.


Opponent used Lightning bolt along with the Swiftspear team in an attempt to kill our Emperion. The question we were facing was whether we should Mana Leak the lightning bolt  or we should anticipate our opponent to have another spell? Let’s think about the cases:

  1. If we didn’t do anything, we could  lose Platinum Emperion from the triple block.
  2. Using Snapcaster Mage is another option, but we will wait to see if opponent has another spell.

Snap, lightning bolts and… it worked!


Game 3

Opponent’s hand had Through the Breach, and a Summoner’s Pact, I think this is fine. If they drew a Titan off the top, then we would be in trouble.




The deck did a number of work to hold back the waves of aggression generated from the Primeval Titans and Valakut. We were able to killed off a Primeval Titan with the Bolt-Snap-Bolt combo. Finally, we drew and casted a Blood Moon. The Blood Moon shut down all the Valakuts, so the Primeval Titan was rendered useless. We attained victory with the Emperion.ss4

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