Petal to the Metal Gameplay Stream

Petal to the Metal Gameplay Stream

Hello hello hello! What’s up tonight, everyone?

So the basic idea of this deck is pretty simple. We kinda disrupt our opponent’s Select for Inspection.

A Grip of the Roil, Engulf the Shores to bounce everything and eventually we get Metallurgic Summonings on the battlefield so that all of our spells are making artifact tokens along with them.

Metallurgic Summonings is really really a late game card in this deck pieces of the puzzle though we will cast now, get a counter up our Thing in the Ice, we find Anticipate and a Grip of the Roil.

I think those are two pretty good hits and we didn’t have the Land that time, but Pieces of the Puzzle are very good at turning on Delirium worth noting.

Opponent achieves Delirium turns on Gnarlwood Dryad, unfortunately the opponent, we have the ability to flip nice next turn.

So, unless everyone can kill our Thing in the Ice we get the flip phone and goes with Pick the Brain.

Oh that’s annoying huh. Well, our opponent Pick the Brain which is not great for us.

We do Summonings which is better for us, so I think what you want to do here is just Anticipate for a Land. Get a counter of Thing in the Ice.

If our opponent wants to trade with Hissing Quagmire that is fine.

Yeah okay, so let’s put our opponent way down on lands further away from unraveler.

So trade off and then just slamming Metallurgic Summonings playland passed the turn and plan on hopefully winning the game.

The stern of a killer Metallurgic Summoning things get a bit sketchy but pony is going to go aggro, which is actually good so this is where we can start generating a whole lot of value.

Well, first of, we just need to cast Part the Waterveil they’ll get a 6/6. Take an extra turn play the Land so we draw here, that’s just another Part the Waterveil. So we can Part the Waterveil yet another 6/6 and we’re just gonna get our opponents are point probably should have not attacked.

I guess they probably didn’t expect double do. You’re the third one that would be crazy.

Whoo-hoo crush, well as just Pieces of the Puzzle get a 3/3 get a Scattered to the Winds and a Select for Inspection. Then we’re going to kill Nissa. Hit our opponent and our opponent scoops it up as we bounce the land so that when a little bit better.

Alright alright, I expected to lose here. So Torrential Gearhulk Flashback Engulf the Shore.

Alright, oh Harnessed Lightning, oh Harnessed Lightning actually that is if we’re not dead that is the best possible outcome. We lose our loop but they can’t replay Gearhulk.

Oh okay, I’m fine with that. So you can’t replay your Walk this turn.

They do have lathnu hellion, so now we have delirium to that was not what I was thinking could happen there but we will take it and select for inspection. So first of, metallurgic summonings passed the turn. See what our opponent does. We could still, we could still die there’s a virtus gearhulk puts the counters on the lathnu hellion, I think we’re just gonna make a 662 block. I think this is our best bet 662 chump block they would need double, they need double harnessed lightning too for us to lose with this line.

1,2,3,4 so we get to scour and then if we need to, we can also crush of tentacles. Scour get a 66, what are gonna doing I play the land and I guess we just pass, leave up our torrential gearhulk which can flashback scour for another 66 can flashback select for inspection so we have a bunch of things we can flashback now.

Yeah, we also have counter if our opponents are going to kill us somehow there’s laughing Jillian gets up on some energy tapping in response to the energy trigger another lathnu hellion goes to combat swings with everything let’s torrential gearhulk, I think we’re just gonna get scour. Cast scour get a 66, you’re also more cards.

Unless, they’re probably has direct damage root out for summonings. Okay, sure we have another one follow-up is longtusk cub, so we just play an island, play metallurgic summonings attack for a bunch and our post groups it up.

Now we’re like a spell away from getting the flip which is awesome and potentially game-winning, so the opponent crews up the smugglers copter and we do get to draw an extra card here, so there’s a copter goes to combat then we just serged the grip of the roil tap down the copter drawcard island.

Well, we’re one land away from part the waterveils  how are so close to this being good.

There’s a land, well thing in the ice hopefully arbona can kill thing in the ice and they can kill the victimized, we I think, we get to win by casting part the waterveils if they can, then things go back to being questionable if they have declaration in stone I’m just going to cry because the game is probably over.

Thraben Inspector is not what we’re worried about, come on, no, okay smugglers doctors fine. That’s not what we’re worried about. Well, should be a good, a good few turns here with our thing in the ice only passes and tusk scour.

Well, number one, we will part the waterveils get some counters of things, flip around our thing in the ice.

Alright, let’s get in with our awoken horror. The power of thing in the ice with part extra turns who would have thought taking extra turns is good when you have a 78 so, I mean see their opponents do smugglers copter and we’re still just winning this game pretty easily, so our deck can really beat anything is just really a question of do an earl and drops in and how do we run.

So, enjoy the weekend and we’ll be back on tuesday with another one.

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