The History of Ugin, the First Spirit Dragon Planeswalker

The History of Ugin, the First Spirit Dragon Planeswalker

When we think of planeswalkers, it's not every day that we imagine gigantic dragons that can talk and walk between planes. If you prefer your planeswalkers scaled and able to breathe a transparent mist that will burn your enemies from the inside out, then Ugin is right up your street. But what do we really know about this beast among men? Let's take a look at Ugin's story in preparation for the upcoming Fate Reforged release.

Ugin Untold

If ever there was a dragon that spent decades scheming it was Ugin. With a plan to rival Sauron of Lord of the Rings, Ugin plotted to lure both the Eldrazi and Zendikar to his realm in order to imprison them within the famed Eye of Ugin. He wasn't alone in his efforts as both Sorin Markov and Nahiri were taken under the wing of this scheming dragon. After a brief battle where Ugin utilized his colorless mana in order to trap the Eldrazi and trigger the Eye of Ugin itself, the dragon found himself victorious and spent the next few years basking in glory.

It was only when the elder dragon Nicol Bolas turned his attentions to Ugin that his plan began to unravel. The elder dragon cornered the scaled planeswalker on the plane of Tarkir where he killed him before entering his mind to extract the information that Nicol was after in order to release the Eldrazi. Ugin had another trick up his sleeve however and he was able to shield his dead body from being too deeply probed by the dragon Nicol.

Without this information, the Eldrazi would remain imprisoned and with their energy, Ugin could travel the planes as he could in life, only in a spiritual form able to unleash all sorts of ectoplasmic catastrophes. His first action was to seek out the famed planeswalker Sarkhan Vol, who being part dragon himself was susceptible to Ugin's violations of the mind. Much time passed as Ugin haunted Sarkhan with a spiritual voice in the back of his head, goading him to acts beyond Sarkhan's control and reaping chaos as often as he felt.

A New Beginning

With the pending release of Fate Reforged, Magic players can expect to be hurtled in to the events revolving around Ugin and Sarkhan and get to experience the nitty-gritty of this little-known beef. What do you think that we can expect? Will Sarkhan overcome his poltergeist or will Ugin find a way to return to his physical form and continue his plotting against the Eldrazi?

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