The Lemming effect – what makes our lands go where

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The Lemming effect – what makes our lands go where

It’s often overlooked by most players, but have you ever noticed how the majority of us will place our lands at the bottom of the board? You’ll get the occasional loose-cannon that places their lands wherever there’s room, but it’s an overwhelming majority of us that place our lands at the bottom of the board. So why is this? Does some invisible force move our lands when we aren’t looking? We recently surveyed a few of the most handsome MtG players around to find out where they put their lands and why:

Dark Blue – Chuck Norris is clearly an imposing figure, so we completely understand the hesitation to place lands anywhere…

Red – And this sounds a lot like that invisible force that we mentioned earlier being responsible.

Purple – 10% at the top? Is this just to be different? Or are these guys the veterans of 4th ed and can’t accept change?

Light Blue – Moochers, I think is the polite term for these players. Or leeches, depending on your preference!

Green – And the rest of us. 71% is a massive amount of players that prefer to place their lands at the bottom and we think that we’ve got to the bottom of this…

Players that place their lands at the bottom HAVE to be one of these 2 things:

Habitual, or lazy.

As new players turn up on the MtG scene, or learn techniques as they progress, they’ll undoubtedly follow the guidance of the people that they learn from. If those people stuck their cards on fridges, then the second generation of players would too!

As for the lazy players… well, clearly it’s just easier to reach your cards with minimal effort and as you can’t place them on your noses, the bottom of the board is the next best thing!

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