Behind the Foundry - Avalon Grimoire

Behind the Foundry - Avalon Grimoire

Hail fellow Planeswalker!

As huge nerds, the team at Wizardry Foundry also loves anime and anime-related games. This includes the Fate series!

This blog post focuses on the inspiration behind the Avalon Grimoire - Artoria Pendragon, aka Saber!


Saber is an ancient warrior summoned by teenager Shirou Emiya to fight the war between masters and servants to accomplish their dream through the mythical Holy Grail. Saber is loyal, independent, and reserved. She may appear cold and distant but is actually suppressing internal emotions to concentrate on goals.


Saber herself is dressed in blue. Her hair is blonde/golden. This color combination seemed fitting to represent this incarnation of King Arthur!

What best can we represent King Arthur, other than a weapon, specifically a sword? We wanted to make this spellbook reminiscent of the sword that Saber carries to battle - almost as if it was a companion to Excalibur itself.


Our artist Faya gave us an early draft of this Grimoire with a literal sword on it! Not bad! But feedback from fans told us that the frame motifs and spine needed work. Plus, a book that has a realistic sword on it, doesn't seem like a spellbook. So, we went back to the drawing board.


Our other artist Joseph worked with the blue and gold motifs to create a frame that reminded us of the Craft Essence in the Fate game (5-stars anyone??). He also replaced the literal sword with a seal that looked more protective. The one who casts from this book is the king!

The runes on the back of this Grimoire read:
Crystal trained by the heart alone. The breath of the planet gathers. The torrent of life shines.


Now that the design has been approved, it's time to bring it to life! The blue came out very vibrant, and the gold is intense!

We're happy to open pre-orders for the Fate Saber-inspired Grimoire - Avalon. Click the banner to order!

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