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Hail fellow Planeswalker!

Who loves vampires? We do!

As huge lovers of vampires, we wanted to represent the timeless feeling that vampires bring.

Vampires have been around in Magic: the Gathering since the beginning with Sengir Vampire. Vampires were one of black's marquee creature types alongside zombies. Unlike their zombies, their animated corpse brethren, vampires feed on blood or the lifeforce of living creatures. Vampires can fly (usually) and have super strength.


Wizards of the Coast has extended the vampire color pie to include them in blue, red and more recently white - this is really cool!


Wizardry Foundry wanted to convey the feeling of an eternal sanguine tome of power that a vampire would wield on the battlefield. Something classic and timeless, yet still feels potent.

The first step we took was to brainstorm a few symbols. Symbols had to feel iconic and cult-like, something that a vampire would use during a feeding ritual or battlefield summoning. Here are a few that were drawn at the beginning of the process:

We also wanted to convey a certain ominous feeling and knew that color would be very important to communicate that. Black and Red are the most natural choices. We debated about adding some white accents since vampires were also in white's color-pie, but we decided against it to opt for simplicity. Black and Red are sexy.


To frame the center symbols, we created simple Victorian-esque filigree.

The final Grimoire wasn't hard to make - we only iterated once and got glowing compliments from fan feedback. We're really happy with the final outcome and are excited to offer the Grimoire Bloodline for pre-order. Click the banner below to get yours!


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