Behind the Foundry - Grimoire Boros and Dimir

Grimoire Design -

Behind the Foundry - Grimoire Boros and Dimir

We at Wizardry Foundry love the Boros and Dimir guilds and couldn’t wait to start developing Grimoires for them for our next collection!

Boros - Background and Characters

The Boros Legion are the white and red guild on the plane of Ravnica. The Boros are made up of League of Wojek (constables) and the Boros Army of Ravnica. They enforce the laws created by the Azorius. The Boros Legion has a stratified hierarchy. Its upper levels is comprised of angels and guildmages while lower levels are comprised by the constable and army members.


The Boros Legion was founded by the angel Razia, who was the guild’s founder and guild leader. Razia was killed by Szadek, who impaled her with her own sword. Aurelia is the current Boros guild leader, after she made many of the guild turn against Feather, Razia’s successor.


Boros - Concept and Iterations

We wanted to show the rigid and steadfast nature of the Boros. Red and White are the main colors. We also wanted to show gold as the accent color. A fist with sun is the iconic guild symbol, so we went with that theme. Let’s take a look at what our artist Sam made: 

Round 1 - Preliminary Concepts

We wanted to play with the ideas at first. There were elements we liked from each, so we worked on combining what we liked most.

Round 2 - Sun Fist and Justice Scales - Color Variation

We went a direction we liked and played with the different accent markings and gold elements. The spine still needed lots of work. We liked the front cover a lot.

Round 3 - Refinement of Concept 

Round 4 - Simplify - Close to Final

We had to further simplify the frame and spine as the previous versions were too cluttered. We think that these designs are close. What do you think? Do you prefer the lighter/brighter red, or the deeper/darker red? Which spine design do you like? Please let us know in the comments below!


Dimir - Background and Characters

House Dimir is the shadowy, manipulative guild of Ravnica that deals in espionage, smuggling, burglary, counter-intelligence, assassination and other illegal services for the Ravnican populace. The citizens of Ravnica actually do not know that the Dimir exist that that they employ the tenth guild (citizens believe there are only 9 guilds). The guild is so secretive that even its own agents often do not know who they truly work for.


House Dimir was founded by the ancient vampire Szadek. Szadek was one of ten paruns that signed the Guildpact. It has a clause that keeps the Dimir secret. Szadek was the guild leader until he was caught manipulating other guilds’ members to kill Mat'Selesnya (parun of the Selesnya Conclave). The result of this was that House Dimir was revealed as a guild to the public. 


The Dimir use mind-magic to manipulate their victim’s memories and necromancy to create minions to carry out shady missions, like assassinations. In Return to Ravnica, House Dimir is not officially recognized as a guild under Teysa’s non-magical Guildpact. However, it is still active under Lazav's leadership. Since the general populace now knows of their existence required adopting a public face, so the lower ranking members serve as couriers, investigators, reporters, and archivists.

Dimir - Concept and Iterations

We wanted to create a Grimoire that looked mysterious and like a book of dark magical mind manipulation. We wanted to incorporate spikes as seen in Dimir settings, such as Watery Grave and Dimir Guildgate. We want this Grimoire to seem like a tome one would find in a secret library somewhere in a deep chamber. Let’s take a look at what our artist Zhou has created:

Round 1 - Experimentation with Elements

We definitely wanted to use a skull and insect/spider somehow, with an eye like seen on the actual Dimir guild symbol. However, these designs were not very good - the elements didn’t feel like Dimir yet.


Round 2 - Eyes and Blue Runes

Here, we wanted to show a more refined front symbol and new back symbol featuring Consuming Aberration. The colors and elements feel closer to Dimir. However, there just wasn’t enough spikey-ness.

Round 3 - Blue Rune and Spikes - Close to Final

We think that this design is very close to what we want to offer our fans! The frame and spine have that spikey attitude and the symbol feel Dimir to us - a shadowy secret symbol. What do you think? Does this feel like Dimir to you? Let us know in the comments belows!

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