Behind the Foundry - Boros Grimoire Survey

Behind the Foundry - Boros Grimoire Survey

Hi fellow Legionnaires!

We have been busy at the Foundry creating the next Grimoire deck box for you fans. Previously, we touched upon the creative process of making the Boros and Dimir Grimoire card carrying cases. We took your feedback and have been brewing something up behind the scenes!

In this article, we'll show you the final iteration of the Boros design. We also have a HUGE favor to ask of you, so keep reading!

Here's what we ended up with for our Boros-inspired Grimoire:

Pretty cool right? Our artist Sam Turner really refined the lines and forms seen on this Boros design. It's a worthy spellbook of war, wouldn't you agree?

Now, here's the favor we need from you. because you've been so helpful in bringing this Grimoire to life, we need to make sure we name it properly. Wizardry Foundry is asking you for your input on what YOU think we should name this upcoming Grimoire. Here's a list of the names we have thought of - either let us know which of these names you like, or come up with one yourself that you think suits these tomes!

Our Boros Grimoire names: 
Legionnaire / Radiant / Battalion

Vote for your favorite names or suggest one of your own!

We have another Grimoire in the works - Our Dimir-inspired Grimoire - click the image below to read about it and vote for your favorite name!

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