Behind the Foundry Chapter 1 – Golgari inspired Grimoire Concept Art

Grimoire Design -

Behind the Foundry Chapter 1 – Golgari inspired Grimoire Concept Art

Hail fellow Planeswalkers!

Are you familiar with Golgari Swarm? If not, let’s have a small taste.

The Golgari like to interact with the graveyard – mainly by destroying and ritualistically sacrificing creatures, then reusing / reanimating them for their army of undead. If you think of the Golgari guild leaders and other notable non-Gorgon members of Golgari (Savra, Jarad, Varolz), they all interact with creatures by moving them into or out of the graveyard for various effects. There are also competitive / semi-competitive decks that play with Dredge effects as the main engine for victory. With regards to the notable Gorgon members of the Golgari (Vraska, Sisters of Stone Death), they are a bit unique mechanically with more of a penchant for removal of creatures, but still supplementary to the main theme of reuse and reanimate.”
“A combination of green & black, life & death, The Golgari guild believes that life and death are both natural and are essential to, and as essential as, one another, with life and death being natural elements of a cycle with no intermediary break.

Inspired by Golgari guild, we decided to design a Grimoire that represents Golgari’s aim while using it’s colors, green and black. Let’s check this design progress we followed.

Our first thoughts were to involve scarab or beetle as the centerpiece of the cover – something reminiscent of the Golgari Swarm symbol. The rest of the design should involve having a dark leather-esque surface overgrown with moss, to show the power of life through death (symbiosis of moss with whatever was decaying on the tome). Having those thoughts in mind, we designed this:

Beetle Moss Design

Beetle Gem Design

An alternative we had in mind was to use a skull with snakes coming out off the top – a gorgon’s head. Although we did like the first beetle designs, the skull concept was very appealing. So… why not combine them? That’s it! Take a sneak pic.

Skull & Beetle Design

And after a few more changes…

Golgari Grimoire Deck Box

But we knew we could make it even better. We decided the skull needed to be more menacing and evil looking. That’s why we came up with this…

Golgari Grimoire Deck Box

What do you think about this design? Is this the best option, or we ‘re the only one excited by this combo? Share your thoughts with us and don’t forget to like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, and subscribe to our newsletter! We just really like hearing from you guys! Your feedback is the lifeblood of our company, so tune in to as many social media things as you can.

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