Behind the Foundry Chapter 2 – Artificer inspired Grimoire Concept Art

Behind the Foundry Chapter 2 – Artificer inspired Grimoire Concept Art

Greetings Planeswalkers!

Back in February, while we were spending hours trying to come up with the final design of the Grimoire Deck Box, Righteous, we got inspired by your feedback on those designs and created a new Grimoire for you! You said “that design would look really good for an artifact Grimoire“, and that was totally true. So, today, we present to you this Artifact inspired design…but first, let’s talk a bit about Magic the Gathering Artifacts.

“Stories tell of Artifacts back in the Golden Age deemed so powerful that not only had several cards become banned, the power level had to be reworked and the game took over a year to adjust. Artifacts are actually permanents that represent magical items, animated constructs, pieces of equipment or other objects and devices. They can only be played during your main phase (unless if it’s an Artifact Creature and has Flash). Any wizard can employ these physical items of power. This also means that artifacts can easily be broken if made too powerful. Artifacts are also creatures and they can attack or defend just like one. They can be affected by anything a creature can be by (or artifacts). Colored artifacts have colored mana costs.

Back in the day, there was an entire expansion devoted to artifacts called Antiquities, telling the story of a war between brothers Urza and Mishra. They peaked again several years later for the Artificer’s Silver Age, with the great Urza’s cycle that unleashed upon our world so many powerful weapons as to echo the ancient times.

Wait, who is Urza?

Urza is a planeswalker originating from Terisiare on Dominaria, best known for his millennia-long struggle with Yawgmoth and the plane of Phyrexia. The Brothers’ War between Mishra and Urza are between the two most powerful artificers on Dominaria. The struggle for Argoth involves not only the brothers but also the sentient forest itself, with terrible consequences: Urza is pushed to the limits of his sanity, Mishra into the waiting arms of Phyrexia, and Argoth toward utter extinction as the three-way war drags on. In the apocalyptic final battle, Urza personally vies with Mishra and reveals him to be a construct of flesh and Phyrexian metal.

Here and now is the Artificer’s Bronze Age. From the plane of Mirrodin has come the greatest terror Magic has seen in many years. Mirrodin Block’s Affinity decks have created exponential power that Voltron could only dream of, lacking any potential predators to keep it in check. Many tournaments learned the domineering power and speed of Magic’s latest dominant deck. They even banned Skullclamp, but to this day Affinity is the biggest threat not only in Standard but in Extended as well.

Only in due time, and their new status as true artifacts, will be able to stop them now. This new third artifact wave new to Magic, only gives us hints on the Banned and Restricted announcement. Here are the artifacts that dominate the game and scare your opponent. They even have mana costs you wouldn’t believe.

When the time comes to put this artifact wave in the past, make sure to know your history.”

Now that you have a taste of Magic the Gathering Artifacts and the great Planeswalker Urza (although we ‘re pretty sure you already have powerful artifact cards in your collection), let’s have a sneak peek on Grimoire Deck Box, Artificer.

That was the original design we had in mind. After some modifications, we illustrated this design into a Grimoire, and here it is!

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Are you as excited as we are with this new Grimoire design?

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Until next time, Planeswalkers!

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