Behind the foundry – Chapter 3 Orzhov concept art

Behind the foundry – Chapter 3 Orzhov concept art

Hail Planeswalkers!

Here in the Wizardry Foundry Lab, we have been searching for the perfect design to create an Orzhov Guild inspired Grimoire – a Grimoire that will combine White and Black, Angles and Ghosts, Order and Power. We love this controversial color combo that’s been used in our decks since 2005 (when Ravnica released for the first time) and the Magic the Gathering creatures made from that epic combo.

It’s been quite a hard task to design something so Black and White, but we think you will love our final design! And if not, please let us know how we can change it. Before presenting our attempts, let’s talk about Orzhov a bit.

“What is the Orzhov Syndicate? How do Black and White fit together?

Think way back to the days before Martin Luther created the Protestant branch of Christianity, when the Catholic Church was the ultimate power in Europe. “When a coin in the coffer rings, a soul from purgatory springs.” That was the saying. People were extorted into “being good Catholics.” If you didn’t give money to the church, not only were you on God’s bad side, you were in trouble in the mortal realm as well. You had to buy your way into heaven and the Catholic Church was basically a mafia masquerading as holy men.

That’s Orzhov.

Orzhova, the Church of Deals is the Orzhov guild hall. When patriarchs and matriarchs of the Orzhov guild die, they become immortal and ascend to the Obzedat–the Orzhov ghost council, which rules over Orzhova. Orzhov uses the spiritual aspect of White by presenting themselves as religious and well-intended, as well as having many Spirit creatures available to use in Orzhov decks. Orzhov uses the Black aspect of Magic by being corrupt, two-faced, evil, and by having a mechanic called “Extort.”

Now that we revived our Orzhov knowledge, let’s have a sneak peek on Orzhov designs for our upcoming Grimoire.

As Orzhov players, we love stained glass. And that was the concept of our first mock-up. We present a Stained Glass design, made of the wings of the Gift of Orzhova angel (but in a mirror).

It wasn’t exactly what we expected. So… Keep the mirror, change the glass. No stained glass but… Angel. Yes, that’s it. Who doesn’t like angels after all?

No, totally not the best Angel we could design…Also, didn’t remind us of Orzhov at all. But we wanted to experiment a bit with mirror frame, so we made a few more attempts:

The Other Side Design

Writing’s on the Wall design

The truth is,  we were not so enthusiastic about those designs. They were dark, well-designed, but not the best option for a Grimoire that will represent the great Orzhov Syndicate.

And then…

That’s Orzhov. This combo is Orzhov. No more mirrors, no more creatures. These two mana colors are perfect together. That’s it. Skull and Sun together. The result is just awesome, and here it is:

What are your thoughts about our final Orzhov design? Is this the best option we could use? What do you think we should change? Share your thoughts with us so we can create products that YOU desire.  Don’t forget to like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, and subscribe to our newsletter! We just really like hearing from you guys!

That’s all from us. Till next time, Planeswalkers.


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