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Greetings, Planeswalkers!

Ultimate Power, Lust, Destruction, Absolute Control. Demons, Vampires, Shades, Nightstalkers. Do you like the sound of these words and the play-style they are reflecting? If the answer is yes, you will love this article, as it’s a tribute to the Black Magic the Gathering color.

Black Lore

Black is a fairly simple color to understand. It focuses on winning at all costs. It can be simple, or very abstract. Though it can be an aggressive color, it focuses on manipulating the opponent at any cost. When black gets aggressive, it does so by clearing the path for its creatures. Its creatures usually don’t fight other creatures because black mana has “fear” ability that allows it to bypass all non-black, non-artifact creatures.Black mana originates from the swamps, where things fester and rot. Death, disease, selfishness, power at any cost – these are the twisted values of the darkness. Black magic is powerful and easy to wield, but it comes with a high price. Its spells and abilities can warp the mind, poison the land, and turn creatures into nothing. Dark minions, undead creatures, and unspeakable horrors are native to the swamp, and they’re as self-serving and treacherous as the mages who commanded them. It is not completely evil, though it is often portrayed to be.

Finally, black will do absolutely whatever it has to in order to gain the upper-hand. That doesn’t mean it is without limits, but it is willing to sacrifice part of itself in order to do what it does more efficiently. It can call up fearsome demons with devastating effects, but it’ll have to offer up something unusual in compensation. It could kill things cheaper, but that means it will also have to offer something of its own in sacrifice. For a color so “evil” in nature, it places a very high regard for the rule of equivalent exchange.

Mono-black Planeswalkers

Liliana Vess, sometimes affectionally called Lili, is a human planeswalker and a master of necromancy, using black mana to reanimate the dead, corrupt the living, and unlock power from death. She is charismatic, witty, and attractive, but profoundly egocentric. Though she appears to be in her 30s, she is actually over a century old. After the Mending, she made four deals with demons – Kothophed, Griselbrand, Razaketh, and Belzenlok – to secure her youth and power.

Sorin Markov is a vampire planeswalker and a master of sangromancy, a dark corner of black mana specialization.With this blood magic, he can drain the lifeforce of other beings, place curses on enemies, and even possess the minds of others. Sorin Markov is one of the oldest living planeswalkers. Having seen hundreds of planes over thousands of years, he has become a sort of bon vivant, seeking novelty and new diversions. But despite his fundamentally hedonistic nature, Sorin does feel the pull of more lasting concerns, and over his long life, this tendency has resulted in an arcane schedule of engagements and forays to far-flung planes. As a result, Sorin is a busy man, planeswalking frequently to pursue concerns known only to him. Sorin always seems to have business elsewhere.

Ob Nixilis was a human warlord and tyrant who became a planeswalker when he discovered that he was manipulated by demons to be the sole survivor of a world that only knew war. Ob Nixilis was a warlord on an unnamed plane beset by war. He was outmaneuvered by opposing warlords, and stumbled upon an ancient demon summoning chamber. He sacrificed his last remaining soldiers to bring forth the demons and call for victory, however, they saw the true desire in his heart and killed every living thing on his world. Ob Nixilis’ spark ignited while he walked his dead plane, after he finally realized the futility of life and all his ambitions. After his ascension, he began conquering other planes.

Alpha Inspiration

Black is, without a doubt, a very mysterious color. This mystery combined with the dark artwork of Black MtG cards inspired us to create our very first Grimoire, the Alpha Edition Grimoire Deck Box.

The Alpha Grimoire Deck Box is a product of great significance and the reason we kickstarted our whole movement. This Grimoire was our first attempt at creating the perfect product to fit our precious card collection, a product both practical and stylish. We wanted a brand new accessory that would resemble our play-style — the mystery and the infinity seek, the power of the black element. And that was exactly the concept of the Alpha Edition.



















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