Behind the Foundry: Fate GO Jeanne d'Arc Inspired Grimoire Deck Box

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Behind the Foundry: Fate GO Jeanne d'Arc Inspired Grimoire Deck Box

Being the super-nerds that we are, we got into a game called Fate Grand Order, so we decided to pay tribute to this awesome online role-playing game!

Background and Lore

Who is Jeanne d’Arc and what does she stand for?

She is the game version of Joan of Arc - the most famous holy woman in the world. Between leaving her hometown at the age of 17 and being sentenced to burn at the stake at the age of 19, she carved her name on history in a mere two years. She was the holy woman that saved France. After accomplishing military advancements that could be described as impossible, she was scorned and met a tragic end.

Even after being captured, Jeanne kept making miracles.

She was a farm girl who should not have known much of the Bible and only a few words of prayer, but she aptly maintained debate with a first-class theologian on equal terms, making it difficult to punish her as a heretic.

Jeanne Character Sprite:

Character Class: Ruler

Ruler Class Symbols:

Mechanics: Attack, Reversal, Encouragement, Unified Guard, Burning Aura

Character Themes: Justice, Holy, Lawful, Good



A and B - preliminary mock-ups

We started designing with a vague idea of colors and symbolism. We still had not gotten to the point of pinning down each key symbol.

V1 - A, B, and C

We realized that we needed to use specific Jeanne d’Arc symbols seen in the game. So we set out to include the cross on the binding as well as the Command Seal and Noble Phantasm on the covers. We then had to decide which textures to choose from for the final iteration.

V3 - Final Jeanne d’Arc (or close to it)

We spread the wings of the Command Seal and switched its position with the position of the Noble Phantasm symbol. The Cross on the spine includes the Ruler Class Symbol as well. The colors and textures look great and we are very excited to unveil this Grimoire as part of our Spring Collection!

Written by Melencio Sapnu and Zhou with artwork created by Ferdinand Ladera

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