Behind the Foundry - Locus Grimoire

Behind the Foundry - Locus Grimoire

Hail fellow Planeswalker!

If any of you have played Omnath or Elementals in EDH, you know he's extremely powerful. This is why Wizardry Foundry created the Locus Grimoire!



Omnath, the "flickering heart," is a divine manifestation of the wild and chaotic mana of Zendikar. He's an elemental frequently mentioned in many creation myths of the plane. Religious pilgrims across Zendikar traveled to the Prison of Omnath biannually to perform the "Ritual of Lights". The ritual was a ceremony meant to protect Zendikar from the release of Omnath. During events leading up to the Rise of the Eldrazi, the ritual was disrupted. Omnath was set free!

Omnath decks tend to like to make a lot of mana and throw elemental spells all over the place. We wanted to make sure that feeling of power and potency.


We were developing Gruul themed Grimoires, so we included Omnath and Xenagos in our brainstorm. You know who made the cut and who didn't!

Version 1 - Draft

Our Grimoire artist Sam Turner came to us with a near-perfect design that only needed minimal alteration (mainly a color change):

Version 2 - Final

We turned it green, then replaced the hydra frame motif with something else, since we liked the hydra frame to be on the Wildborn Grimoire (blog post coming soon).

Sam did a great job and the Locus Grimoire is available for pre-order now!


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