Behind the Foundry: Rakdos-Inspired Grimoire Deck Box

Grimoire -

Behind the Foundry: Rakdos-Inspired Grimoire Deck Box

We love the flavor of the Rakdos Cult, so we started looking into how to best create a Grimoire to represent this twisted demonic hedonist guild. This guild is the one that lets you burn and kill anything for pleasure - its members are not afraid to pursue pleasure at any cost, even their own pain.

Background and Lore

The Cult of Rakdos are the guild of personal pleasure, even if it causes cruel pain and suffering among others. Some of the evil crueler and sadistic members of the Cult of Rakdos directly and intentionally inflict pain on others. The guild has no structure - it’s not organized at all. The members do whatever they want within loose groups called “rings” lead by ringmasters with specializations in pleasure.

Main personalities:

Rakdos is the guild leader of the Cult of Rakdos. He’s a giant demon with horns and fire coming out of everywhere. The guild symbol is also looks like Rakdos's head.

Exava is the Guild champion.

Mechanics: Hellbent and Unleash

Cards with the Rakdos Aesthetic:

Notice how the Rakdos love to use horns, chains, blood, and iron in their outfits and weapons. We love the bloody cruelty shown in the art of Gore-House Chainwalker and Deviant Glee.


We wanted to incorporate cracks of red power coming through the book surface. We were also thinking about using either barbed wire or iron chains because Rakdos members are known to be into inflicting pain upon others and among themselves.

V1 - Cracked Leather and Chains Book Concept

V2 - Barbed Wire and Demon Skull Quick Concept

V3 - Demon Skull and Chains Quick Concept

After 3 quick versions, the chains or barbed wire wrapping around the Grimoire didn’t POP like we wanted. After all, the Grimoire surface will fold at edges and it wouldn’t look good with a continuous chain wrapped around. We also weren’t too thrilled with the Demon Skull and were lacking a concept for the back of the cover. The colors were a bit muted as well.

V4 - Rakdos and Chains on Front, Diamond Spine, Fence on Back

This version was getting closer to what we wanted with a more Rakdos-looking front centerpiece and Gore-House iron fence. However, the spine didn’t pop as much as we wanted while the fence was just a little too perfect to feel Rakdos.

V5 - Hell-Knight with Broken Fence on Back Cover, Spine Enhancement

This version is very close. The Front Cover and Spine are pretty much perfect, but the back needs a bit of a change.


V6 - (A) Warped Iron Fence and (B) Chains 

This is when we need YOUR help. Which version do you like best? We love the Front Cover and Spine, but are torn between having the Warped Fence or the Chains on the back cover. Please let us know what you think about them and which one we should ultimately release for YOU, our fans. Let us know below if you want to see (A) or (B) as the final Rakdos Back Cover!

UPDATE: Now that the Grimoire Hellbent is being released, you know that due to popular vote, we decided to go with option B, matching the front and back chain motif. Here is the final Grimoire that we have available for order - we know you will enjoy: CLICK HERE to get YOUR Grimoire Hellbent!

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