Behind the Foundry - Wildborn Grimoire

Behind the Foundry - Wildborn Grimoire

Hail fellow Planeswalker!

Who loves to swing in with big creatures and burn things to the ground? We do. That's why we built the Wildborn Grimoire - to rep Gruul well. Gruul smash!


The Gruul are what you may call the anarchist guild of Ravnica. They have no centralization of orders or official leader, although Borborygmos might be the closest thing they have to a guild master. When he speaks, the rest of the Gruul listen.

Big Bobo

The Gruul will arrive at a location and use what resources they can in the area before moving on, leaving only destruction in their wake.

A notable Gruul planeswalker is Domri Rade, a rash powerful caller of monstrous beasts who's featured in the latest Guilds of Ravnica block!



In building the Wildborn Grimoire, we intended on creating something that Domri might use in battle when calling forth his powerful monstrosities. We took some inspiration from the many items the Gruul use:


Notice how Gruul items have their mark emblazoned on, a mark of pride and warning to those who may cross their path!


Our artist Sam Turner gave us these drafts that included a symbol inspired by Omnath as well as horns inspired by Xenagos. We thought it was cool but really wanted to distill the Grimoire into one solid entity - just Gruul.

He combined all three into one design.

We had Sam remove the horns and Omnath symbol (to create the Locus Grimoire!). We then had him simplify the Gruul inspired symbol - keep it simple. Make it look like glowing arcane marks created crudely, but still hold power. We had him brighten up the hydra frame motif.

Final Version

We're so happy to bring to you the Wildborn Grimoire! It's available for pre-order right here, click the banner!

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