Grimoire Deck Box, Dragonlord Sneak Peek

Grimoire Design -

Grimoire Deck Box, Dragonlord Sneak Peek

We at Wizardry Foundry are excited to let you know that our newest design is based around Dragons. The pre-order period is already underway for our brand new limited edition Grimoire Deck Box: Dragon Lord. We are asking for your help and respective opinion to capture the aesthetic of a tome of dragons. Have a hand in improving this Dragon Lord design and together we will achieve the greatest results.



Dragons are huge four-limbed, two-winged reptilian predators. These powerful and intelligent serpentine creatures exist across the multiverse. They have formidable physical strength, and many of them also score high on intelligence and magical capabilities. Head shape, wing shape, body shape, scale colors and breath weapons vary from plane to plane and from dragon to dragon.

They can be found in all colors, although more dragons are aligned with red than with any other color. In fact, dragons are the iconic creature for the color red, and at least one red Dragon has appeared in every core set.

The Grimoire Deck Box: Dragon Lord pre-orders start NOW and will be available early next year.

Until next time folks, Happy Gaming!

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