Grimoire Reaction-Izzet inspired deck box (behind the scenes)

Grimoire Reaction-Izzet inspired deck box (behind the scenes)

We love the Izzet League, so we started working on researching how to best represent this quirky and powerful guild!

Background & Lore

How do Blue and Red come together to become the Izzet League?

The Izzet are the civic engineers of Ravnica, dealing with water systems, boiler works, sewers, heating systems, etc. They have an immense thirst for knowledge (blue's quest for information), yet short attention spans (red's impulse). Think Doc Emmett Brown from Back to the Future - highly smart and intelligent, yet driven by passion for learning and child-like curiosity. The Izzet invent devices and spells that may or may not be fully QC'd, yet they want to use them anyway because they can. Sometimes, these devices and spells end up being a little unstable or have unintended results (more powerful than intended, like when Overloading or Replicating spells).

Guild Symbol:

The Guild-leader is Niv-Mizzet, the dragon shown on the guild symbol, supposedly the smartest being on Ravnica.

Flavor Themes: Electricity, Steam, Hydraulics, Pipes, Cables, Tubes, Frost

Mechanical Themes: Replicate & Overload, copying spells, flipping coins, looting

Creatures: Weirds, Dragons, Drakes, Goblins, Humans

Classes: Wizards

Cards with the Izzet Aesthetic

Notice how:

  1. Electricity arcs through the air from device to device.
  2. Frost and steam float around devices as well.
  3. Tubes are prevalent in outfits and accessories.
  4. Copper and chrome are used in outfits and devices alike - devices embedded into outfits as well.
  5. No cogs are present in the Izzet aesthetic - this is a steampunk-esque theme minus the cogs and heavy on tubes.
  6. There’s subtle use of argyle and floral patterns on the outfits of the wizards of Izzet.


V1 - Initial Concept: Brass Frame, Pipe Circuit, Hexagonal Bolts, with Floral Pattern.

We created a centerpiece reminiscent of Niv-Mizzet. Hex-bolts were made and we wanted metal surfaces. We wanted to create electricity arc'ing out of the centerpiece, but ultimately, it looked a bit too wild and the contrasts between the different elements of the composition were just too muddied and too plain to be Izzet. We kept working.

V2 - Industrial: Blue and Red Mana Chambers

Blue and Red accents were added, on the floral pattern and in the chambers. We were getting closer to the Izzet Aesthetic. However, more color and decorations could have been added, especially since the Izzet like to be a bit fancy with their fashion.

V3 - Reaction and Gauge

Adding piping from Blue and Red mana chambers to the centerpiece reaction chamber gives it that ALCHEMIST feeling. We added more lightning in the centerpiece to OVERLOAD the reaction. We also added a gauge on the back-side. We added diamond patterns to a leather/cloth textured background and amped up the saturation of colors on everything!

We hope you like this newest addition to the Grimoire family.

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