Moirai Dice Organizer - Our brand new way to organize your dice set

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Moirai Dice Organizer - Our brand new way to organize your dice set

Hail Planeswalker!

We gladly announce our new product line, Moirai Dice Organizer, now available for pre-order. If you ever needed an easy way to organize and carry your dice set that you use for Magic, or any other game that requires it, you will totally love it!

Moirai Dice Organizer

The Moirai Dice Organizer is a brand new way to store and carry your favorite dice set. It is carefully designed to make it easy when grabbing dice, with mesh pockets for better organization. Also, it’s small enough that to fit in your pocket, so you carry them anywhere without problems.

It’s also, as we already mentioned, stylish, too! With a variety of colors and textures to fit your own style, you can choose between 3 different colors (silver, blue, black), and 2 different textures (dotted texture, reptile skin texture).

No more lumpy dice bags or plastic cases that crack under the slightest pressure.

After hearing some positive feedback on this product from fellow planeswalkers, we thought this product would be a necessity for storing your dice simply and securely – with style.

We did a limited print run and the results were amazing – we sold out in 3 days! Your feedback and support led us to bring back this product into our store.

Right now, Moirai Dice Organizer is available for pre-order, so you can be the first to get it in August, when the next batch arrives.

Buy yours Today!

“Make people wait for what they want, and you have power over them. This is as true for merchants and militia as it is for cooks and couples.”

For those of you who are Magic savvy, the quotation above may seem familiar to you. That’s because it’s an actual card.

For a while, the working name of the dice organizer was “Kismet”.We weren’t sure that was the name we wanted to go with so we decided to look at the various connotations of dice and what rolling dice meant. Some words immediately came to mind; “Gambling”, “luck”, “random”, and “fate” were the most common ones.

Then we started playing around with other working titles. “Fate carrier”, “Luck Vault”, “Fate Vault”, and “Fate Pack” were some of the options we threw around. Nothing seemed to fit.

It wasn’t until we decided to look at synonyms of “Kismet” that we came upon “Moirai”.

It ticked all the boxes! It related to the supernatural aspect of dice, tied into the ideas of luck, fate, and destiny while being unique enough to be instantly recognizable.

So there you have it. That’s the story of how we came about the name of the Moirai Dice Organizer. Nothing super complex, no crazy story about inspiration amongst adversity, just a little bit of Moirai.

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