The history of the white grimoire

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The history of the white grimoire

Greetings, planeswalkers!

Here at Wizardry Foundry, there are two things we love most, above all else: MTG and our customers. Because of this, we have had a long history of iterations to our new White Grimoire. I’m here to take you through a tour of how our design has evolved (mainly because of your feedback!). Please imagine the following post being read to you in a very proper lady tour guide voice.

Welcome to 04-T5. If you’re wondering what that stands for, I have no idea. This design was created before I was hired two weeks ago. According to the time stamps on our Google Drive, this was one of the first mock-ups of the White Grimoire. The sword/scale design has persisted throughout all iterations of this design…and that’s about the only thing that hasn’t changed.

This is M1. It has less circles, but the gradient/yellow hasn’t changed.

his is M5. We never really talked about this one…I think it was more an experiment than anything else. Eh, kissing frogs, y’know? And so we pivoted again.

Unfortunately, we pivoted in a direction you guys didn’t like. This is M1b. It looks more Orzhov than it does White. M1b is where I came onto the team! Hieroglyphics were also added into the background of this set of iterations (M1b, M2b, M3b, M5), and the logo was changed to be metallic in the B series.

These two iterations are M2b and M3b. This is when we really started to aggregate customer feedback. We found out that you guys weren’t big fans of these three designs; no one really liked the circular borders, the black borders didn’t fit with the White theme, and there were some other suggestions on how we could improve upon our design.

I personally took every comment from Facebook, Instagram, and the survey we sent out and compiled them into a document. I used that data and our fans’ suggestions to compile this rough sketch for our artist:

In return, our artist generated the following models:

Across the board, everyone company-side loved the first one the most. But what we think doesn’t matter nearly as much as what you guys think. We started gathering your feedback and the first model is doing the best by leaps and bounds! Our artist told me he wanted to refine the design, so I proposed these small changes and sent them back to him.

He’s going to refine it a bit and send us another mock-up. I’m very excited to hear back from him!

This is the end of our product development tour for this week. I hope you enjoyed looking at our iterations of the White Grimoire, and I’m so excited to see you all next week! We have something amazing in the works and I can’t wait to share my concept art with all of you. But, alas, our time is up. You’ll just  have to come back again!

Until next time, planeswalkers!

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