Top 5 Grimoire Deck Boxes to Give as a Gift

Top 5 Grimoire Deck Boxes to Give as a Gift

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Grimoires are very rarely used in the depiction of mages and warlocks, whether it’s in movies, games or TV series. Some gamers wish they could have all the spells in their heads, speak them out, wiggle their hands towards the target, just like that, and a spell is perfectly executed. Sometimes they even use a staff or a wand, but rarely a grimoire.

Grimoires should be a primary “weapon of choice” for mages and warlocks. They contain all the spells, together with magical energy. Mastering a spell would take months with exceptional training. Collecting more grimoires would mean more spells, but of course, only after mastering them.

What is cooler? A grimoire floating around a warlock, flipping the pages on its own by looking for a spell the warlock is chanting, and then the spell gets fired directly from the book. Or a staff that glows and shoots a spell at the target? What do you think?

But enough talk of what’s cooler, we’ve prepared a list of top 5 grimoires you could gift to your family, friends, or even a random person on the street.

Bloodline Grimoire Deck Box

This grimoire deck box is mentioned first because it’s really distracting by how beautiful it looks. With its simple black/red design and arcane stripes it really “sparks” with The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion vibe (or even Skyrim, with those Master Conjurers and Arch Vampires).

Gift it to a friend that is an absolute abstract art person. Or just someone who has some type of dark arts type of deck that makes your skin crawl every time they use some type of curse or summon undead units.

Next to arcane vibe, it exceptionally fits vampiric vibe, crimson blood magic. Power-hungry vampiric decks with blood magic and curses will most definitely fit this grimoire.

Opponents with this grimoire deck box are expected to be hard foes that will most of the time use vampiric regeneration type magic. Never think they are defeated; they can easily get back into the game by completely regenerating.

Get it here.

Deathrite Grimoire Deck Box

When it comes to games, necromancer classes are always crazily strong. They are absolute beasts. Power to raise the dead and command them to their will, is that even fair? Who wouldn’t want to use that class? Some say that Life and Death are elements that complete a full cycle, as light and shadows, one does not exist without the other. So, in death, anything can be resurrected and be added into an army. (talking about you, Golgari Swarm)

This grimoire deck box gives off the vibe mentioned above. Gift it to someone whose deck is feared and known for upgrading their army by raising the dead.

In theory, an undead army with a necromancer could have an enormous army, slay their enemies, and just add up those enemies to their ranks. It’s absolutely horrifying and hopefully nobody gets matched against someone who has a deck like that.

Get it here.


Hellbent Grimoire Deck Box

Fire, death, agony, those are the things that will make every opponent run away, because it really seems to be hell. Nobody wants to spend their eternity in agony and torture.

This grimoire deck box is for someone who will always prevail, no matter how the game goes. A fitting ending for all of those who are evil. It fits a demonic-based deck with infernal spells, demonic creatures all the way from imps to the devil himself. The army of demons that travels in-between worlds to slaughter everyone who opposes them. What would happen if such an army came to our world?

This grimoire deck box comes with a great design, demonic face with red glowing eyes, and an immense amount of chains, which symbolizes eternity and imprisonment. All of it is packed on top of a red magma-like background that symbolizes the hell itself. Gift it to someone who has these properties.

Get it here.


Dragonlord Grimoire Deck Box

It had to come down to this eventually, a dragon grimoire deck box. Dragons possess supreme intellect and strength that no creature can match. Most fantasy worlds have those legends where in a distant past, dragons ruled the world, but for some reason they either got extinct or just disappeared, awaiting to return one day.

Since it’s well known how powerful dragons are, the most stunning fact is that there are beings powerful enough to control them, to rule over them. Those beings are called Dragonlords.

This Grimoire is for everyone who uses draconic-like decks with some of the fiercest units and spells that can obliterate your enemies in a matter of seconds. D&D made sure to include dragons in its name because it’s obvious how majestic they are.

Get it here.


Primeval Grimoire Deck Box

Neutrality and peace should also be mentioned, creatures that do not start wars, but still end them. Masters of nature, druids. This grimoire deck box is perfectly designed for a druid deck, with its green colors and yellow Celtic symbols. They’re capable of channeling the might of the heavens, mending allies and daunting enemies. By using staffs and glyphs, they’re able to support their army with insight into a natural world.

This grimoire deck box should be gifted to someone who can ravage their opponents using beasts of the nature, along with every single thing nature has to offer. Incredible healing with a powerful destructive ability will leave every other player speechless. But keep in mind, druids are only protecting their nature from a civilized intrusion. So, if a druid is attacking you, you most definitely did something wrong to begin with.

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